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Stanton Warren,
Keith: I just wanted to tell you that we had an awesome sale this past Saturday - the Faith Genetics' Special Bred Doe Sale. We averaged $332 per lot and had 5 lots over $400 on fourteen lots! Keep in mind that these were percentage Boer goats in Missouri - geared towards the show wether crowd. My $50 catalog cost on BoerGoats.Com was well worth the money - well worth it! In fact, two does went home to Arkansas for a total of $850 that I guarantee came from the exposure we had on BoerGoats.Com. Thanks Keith!
Stanton Warren
Faith Genetics

Somehow I stumbled onto this site and can't seem to get out of the library. It will probably take me several weeks. LOL - Great site.

George and Terry Rife,
Just a thank you... Our website received hits immediately after you included us on your Breeder's Directory... thanks..thanks..thanks.. That was what we wanted - for people to find us.

Rodney Heston,
I would like to respond to the bracing of meat goats issue. Although I am not a judge, I don't believe that any meat producing animal should be set up in a fashion that misrepresents the natural look of that animal. Let's get real. How many times has anyone set down to eat a piece of meat that is tensed up on their plate. I do agree that more education (of judges) is needed to recognize the difference between bracing and controlling.

Lesley Richman,
Hi Keith! Thanks for your quick reply! I got to the article NO Problem and printed out a bunch of copies (for the hoof trimming workshop)!! Thanks for your help!! I LOVE your website!! It is really easy to maneuver through and full of great information! I have recommended it to several folks!!

Keith & Shana Smith,
I would like to personally thank the persons behind this online magazine. From free ads to the great access door you guys provide for the industry. My suggestion would be to not change anything. My name is also Keith Smith, in LA.
Thanks for the kudos on!
As for your recommendation that I "not change anything"... Unfortunately, like most Keith Smiths, I can never leave things well enough alone (grin).
Look for some new stuff in the next month or so - Maybe, just maybe, a herd record keeping area where my hosting and web design clients can keep track of their goats. That's figuring that I ever get the time to finish it.

Sherry Williams,
Quick way to say hello to you guys as I haven't seen you in a while! I have never seen anything inappropriate on your site, but I take it from this that it has become necessary. What a shame! Maintaining this site MUST be a chore but your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Judy Snow,
Just wanted to let you know that I was led here researching a product called "Spectam Scour Halt" and was reading an editorial by Keith Smith (oops, just noticed you were the host of the website...Hi) entitled "But I Like Purple Goats". You do an excellent job of explaining the facts of the show ring. I do not raise and show goats, I raise and show horses, but the same rules apply. I especially like your response to the "Big breeders win all the shows" and "Show goats and production goats are not the same". I have friends that raise and show cattle and friends that raise and show dogs...these comments could apply to these species also. I appreciate anyone that can explain things as straightforward as you did. Keep it up (and I don't know a darn thing about goats...just showing).

Holly Opperman,
Have you heard of any breeders receiving emails from people that appear to be phony inquiring about listed ads on your site? I have received 2 emails that I find strange. I am trying to determine if the buyers are sincere or not.
Yep... It's sad - a person works hard for their money just to have some !#$% crook try to steal it! There's a whole slew of crooks out there. Some of the scams are obvious, some aren't. Your question prompted me to check the classified ad page. I had placed a warning at the top of the opening page but just noticed that it has a bad link - I fixed it.

Belinda Hepler, Heplers Boer Goats, Anza California
Mrs. Wohnoutka, I wanted to express my thanks to you personally for judging the online meatgoat show. I have learned so much from the comments on mine and others goats that it has been an education in and of itself . I know that it takes valuable time out of your life and wanted you to know that it is much appreciated. To gain the opinion of someone that has raised such wonderful Boer Goats as yourself and has the vast experience that you do in Boer Goats is such an honor. I see your genetics in so many places !! Your opinion is appreciated and gives an one an unbiased view of ones own goats. This is a valuable tool in viewing ones herd and making breeding decisions . Thank you for your efforts in this.

Steven & Kim Hodges
SCAM ARTIST AT WORK HI, Let me first say THANKS! for the free classified advertising! We sold our folding hay rack within a couple of weeks. But I wanted to let you know about a 'too good to be true offer' I received. This person's email address is "yemomighty". I am forwarding his letter to you so you may want to warn others on your sight about this person. I politely replied that we sold the hay feeder to get rid of him.
Anyway thanks again for such a great website. Just trying to keep some poor old trusting soul from getting in trouble.
Am sorry for the laste response , am okay with the condition of the Round Hay Bale Feeder so i have contact a client of mine who is us to produre thecertified cashier's check to you the reason is that is owning the sum $4000 and he is ready to pay me so i want you to foward me your full name and address inaddtion with your phone # and immediately you recieve the check you can send the excess money to my shipping company through western union money transfer so get back to me as soon as possible .

Jane Mallory,
Hey guys, thanks for the beautiful ribbons and for all the hard work you all put in, God Bless, The Mallory Family of Cedaridge Farm

Lori Walsh,
A big THANK YOU to you for the Online Meat Goat Show and the awards. It is so fun! Thanks for all the work you put into it.

Debbie & Lauren Elder,, Krazy L Livestock
I want to thank the sponsors of the class ribbons. Lauren recived 3 today for her class winners in the 2004 wether division. The ribbons are VERY nice and we really enjoyed the online show. We had a good time entering. Thank You to all of the sponsors of the Online Show.

Mike & Lea Ann Robison,
We received the trophies and patch and ribbon in the mail today. I must say you outdid yourself this year. I know that someone sponsored these prizes and I would like to express my thanks to all involved in this effort. Well Done. is classy!


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