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Keith Smith

WHAT A WEEKEND! Six sales by major breeders in four days! The blood lines offered in these various sales would fit in just about anyone's breeding plan. The consignors were gracious in allowing KLS Boer Goats to preview the animals starting the Wednesday before the sales. It was well worth the effort... I was able to view the goats in their "natural" state before they received their "show" cleaning and were trimmed for the sales. I would recommend previewing to everyone.
We came away from the weekend with 2 really nice doe kids and the 2 bucks we needed to round out our breeding program.
Sue Kearney provided the book for most of the sales and the pay-out process was made easier through her efforts.
The eats were good at all of the sales as hopeful bidders filled up on everything from Koolaid through hamburgers to roasted fullblood Boer meat and sausage.

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The festivities started Friday, September 1st, at 7:00 pm, in Ozona, Texas. The Southwest Breeders Classic Goat Sale held in the air conditioned Fair Park Convention Center had the tag line "Bring a Rope & Roundup Some Goats". And goats there were! Outstanding offerings were presented from five breeders; Hugh & Ann Schafer, David & Barbara Slaughter, W.E. & Carolyn Whitehead, Charles & Nancy Stegall, and Ed long. All of the offerings were sifted by Charles Turner for conformation to breed standards - No animal was rejected!. The Auctioneer was Mark Tillman.
The high selling buck was Lot #23, out of Cherrio, a Vlek son, and Francheska, a daughter of Madiba. Meravillas Ranch is the proud new owner after bidding stopped at $7,400.
The top-dollar doe was purchased for $4,600 by CT Goat Company. This very feminine doe is a double bred Velk out of Cherrio & Solitaire.
The total sales were just over $118,000 with the 105 head averaging $1,124.76.
Barbara Slaughter announced that the 2001 sale will be held in the same facilities on Friday night, August 31st.

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Saturday started out with a trip to Norman and Kathy Kohls' N&K Ranch 11 miles west of El Dorado, Texas. The sale was well advertised and drew a great crowd.
The atmosphere was all business until "The Friends of Norman" presented him with this ?beautiful? buck in honor of Norman's upcoming 50th birthday. The group all contributed to the effort both financially and as part of the search for the most magnificent buck available. snicker, snicker
Bobby Fletcher and his crew kept the bidding action going and the sale's high selling buck was Lot #15, from the Bodacious and Oscar lines. The high selling doe was out of the Big "O" and Oscar lines.
Kathy said, "We had 200 registered buyers and fed a fajita goat meal to 288. We sold the high selling buck to Charles Turner and Dennis Funderburgh. The volume buyer was Dick Herndon of Uvalde ,TX. All goats were sold and many were shipped out of state to at least 10 different states".
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Back in El Dorado, just outside the South side city limits, Lois and Jack Dean were getting ready for their sale. We just barely made it from the Kohls' place to the Ag Barn on Highway 277 in time. They had promised to include 13 of the kids that placed in one of the three shows that they attended and we *really* wanted to get a look at them before the bidding started. We were in luck, though, because there was a few minute's delay in getting the sale started.
This was the first Labor Day production sale for the Deans but it went off without a hitch. Auctioneer Dale Sheets did a great job of keeping the action going and the offerings were out of some of the best genetics around. The Deans have plenty of stud buck power in their herd and the quality of the kids offered in the sale was outstanding.
High selling buck went to Dick Herndon of Uvalde for $3,100. Billy Gatwood of Gatwood Farms paid $1,800 for the top doe. The volume buyer was the Jamaican Ag. Department who purchased 12 head through the bidding services of John Edwards. There were 95 registered bidders, 12 from outside of Texas, bidding on 73 head.
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From El Dorado we rushed back to our base of operations at the Best Western Motel in Sonora for a quick change of shirts and a refill of the pocketbook. Then into town to the 4-H Center for M.D. Shurley's sale.
The preparation of the animals for the show was headed up by Daryl Coates and his crew and they did a good job of presenting the animals at their best. Bidding was directed and encouraged by Mark Tillman and his three "bid catchers".
Boer Brothers International, USA, LLC, has embryos collected and ready for export to the US under the current protocol and is anxiously awaiting the implementation of the new protocol to evaluate bringing over more genetics to this fertile market.
There were 93 registered bidders. When all was said and done and the last bid was closed 92 head had been purchased with at an average of $605 per head. The high selling buck was XS-487, Rodeo Red, purchased by Vickie Crane for $3,600. Not far behind at $3,500 was BBI-126, Frick, going to Downen Livestock Company. The volume buyer was the Jamaican Ag. Department who purchased 14 head for $6,425 through the bidding services of John Edwards. Dennis Ansetta of DeRidder, LA, purchased 6 head for a total of $5,050, Vickie Crane 2 Boers and 3 wether show prospects for $4,545, and Trey Wardlaw took home 9 head at $4,550.

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The next morning we headed South out of Sonora to the A&M Research Station on highway 55 for the Powell-Holman sale.
As with the other sales the animals were separated into lot number groups for viewing and inspection prior to the sale. The temperature outside was getting high and we were happy to retire to the air conditioned sale arena. Mark Tillman served as auctioneer and he and his crew performed to their usual high level.
Bucks were in great demand here as they had been in all the other sales with the top three $$$ animals being male. The high selling buck, a Tootter son, went to George Smith for $4,600. Marvin Shurley picked up his favorite for $4,100 and Robert Churchill added a Tooter son to his herd for $3,600. The volume buyers were Richard McDonald, Mac Wardlow, Wayman Newsom, and Glen Hutto.

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The Silver Exchange Boer Goat Company, a partnership between Farmers Stock Exchange, Silvergate Farms, and Nico & Koekie Botha, held their sale at the Mills County Civic Center in Goldthwaite, Texas. We had stayed overnight in Sonora and the three hour drive to Goldthwaite the next morning was filled with anticipation at finally getting through the last sale of the weekend.
The offering by this group of breeders were very good. We spent two hours before the sale inspecting some of the nicest animals of the weekend. The air conditioned sale floor was very welcome after being in the hot barn. Mark Tillman was the auctioneer and the animals were presented in an expert fashion by Rena Lynch.
109 head were sold with an average price of $1,316.97. Bucks averaged a very high $951.63 and the average doe went for $1,583.73. Richard Parmer got the high selling buck, FSE 0063, for $5,200. The high selling doe was SEBG L26 - Teresa Turner purchased a 100% stake in this outstanding Silver Exchange partnership doe. The top three buyers in the sale were Silvergate Farms, Don Smith, and Carol Davis for a total of $34,450.00.

These sales represent an outstanding opportunity to acquire top genetics for your herds. We encourage everyone to attend next year's sales.
And remember... These breeders also have some top animals available for private treaty sale and most offer breeding services. You can contact the breeders involved in these sales by clicking on the applicable sale headline in each section above.


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