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Happy Endings Ranch
Bea & Ray Baker
Alvarado, Texas
The Showstopper Sale - Saturday July 29, 2000

Much of the information for this article was provided by
Ray and Bea Baker of Happy Endings Ranch in Aledo, Texas.

Congratulations to Benz Farms, EGGS, and Ryals Rocking R on the success of their first Showstopper Sale!

With about 500 attendees and 200 bid cards issued this was one of the most well received sales of recent memory. Such a large number of quality animals, all gathered under one roof, produced by these three breeders was an irresistible draw for buyers from many states. In addition all three major US Boer goat registry organizations had representatives in attendance. Phone bids were processed from as far away as California.

The consignors were present to answer questions about their animals from Friday until the sale started Saturday afternoon. This spirit of cooperation and accommodation was carried through the entire proceedings. The tone of the sale was set long before the auctioneer made his first call. The atmosphere was one of festivity and had all the feel of a good old-fashioned ice cream social. A lunch offering pork, chicken or goat meat, with potato salad and baked beans, followed by apple and peach pie was fed to 530 hungry people at one end of the large air conditioned Tennessee Livestock Center located on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro.

John Edwards of E.G.G.S. started the sale on a high note by retelling the tale of Davy Crocket traveling from Tennessee to Texas to help with a little problem with Santa Anna a few years back. John went on to express his sincere hope that he would have more luck returning to his home state than Mr. Crocket did.

One disappointment of the event was the announcement that Ennobled E.G.G.S.Treme had been scratched from the sale due to a career-ending injury.

The sale started at 1:00 PM and bidding was spirited right from the start. Each of the three consigners presented their own offerings to the bidders and helped the auctioneer "talk-up" the animals. The auctioneer and the consignors kept the action at a brisk pace and quiet moments were rare.

The sale was handled in a very professional manner by Pedigo Realty, Inc, of Murfreesboro, TN. Their experience in auction management was apparent throughout the proceedings. There were minor humorous moments while the ring handlers adjusted their thinking and methods from horses to goats. Well... it was humorous for the attendees - I donít imagine the handlers considered it funny at all. The pay-out and animal pick-up areas were kept moving and very few hitches were experienced.

Questions were asked and answered during the bidding, which created a less formal atmosphere and relaxed both the sellers and buyers. Attendees came away from the sale with a feeling that they had participated in a Boer goat clinic as the consignors were generous in the discussion of the good and less-than-perfect points of each animal presented.

The high selling doe went to Mr. Everett King of Sun, LA, for $6,900.00. This beautiful girl was presented as lot #2. She is out of Ennobled Magnum and Red Nikita, and was offered by Ryals Rocking R. The doe has shown well in several exhibitions having been placed first several times and was honored as Grand Champion Jr. Doe at the Alabama Boer Goat Show in Cullman, AL.

The high selling buck, K208 "Del Rio", was presented by E.G.G.S.

Congratulations to both the consignors and buyers in this inaugural sales event. We look forward to the next Showstopper!


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