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Adams Boer Goats ~ Growing Fast !
The Adams

Kenny, Connie, Brittany and Logan Adams are owners of Adams Boer Goats, which started in business when my daughter's cousins, Rick and Mike Clark of "Mr. C's" goats said "let's buy a goat together" when we were at a sale barn. That was July 7, 2001, and it was all uphill from there.

I went to Texas to the Labor Day 2001 Sales and was very excited about getting started. I met up with George Alschwede, of San Angelo, TX, who we previously knew from being in the Shorthorn Cattle business. George took us to Norman Kohls sale. There we met up with a number of goat ranchers. The bucks we were interested in topped the sale, needless to say we didnít get them.

"Radar Ready"
D.O.B. 03/19/01
sire JLS Radar Red
We talked with Kallie Kohls and made arrangements to go to her ranch and see the bucks there that she had for sale. Once at the ranch it was hard to chose between the two bucks we liked the best, so we bought them both! We also picked out 20 does from Georgeís herd. Then headed back to Ohio for the long haul, 2300 miles. Brick Maker
"Brick Maker"
D.O.B. 03/14/01
sire Brickhouse
Mojo Dancing
"DSM Mojo Dancing"
D.O.B. 03/31/00
sire DSM Cloud Dancing

Once at home and we got them all settled in the pasture I decided I needed more goats. The hunt was on. I purchased more goats from a farm in northwest Indiana which had a buck who is sired by DSM Cloud Dancing and dam is out of Mojo Magic. Back home we went with eight more.

We have since picked up a few here and there and our herd has quickly grown to 55. We feel we have put together a great starter herd and hope to keep growing.


We are interested in getting very active in the 4-H and FFA buyers. We will have our 1st Annual Show Goat sale on April 5, 2002.Our family is very excited about the Boer goat business and hope to get well known throughout the country for our quality of goats. This is a big goal but we will try hard.

We want to eventually run with 50-75 Boer does both Fullblood and Percentage. I would like to also experiment with AI and embryo transfers. Any help would be appreciated!

This is our history of getting started in the Boer goat business. We hope to meet many of the other breeders throughout the USA. We have great start on our herd and hope to find an Anatolian dog to put with them.

I would like to thank everyone that has offered advice and helped us so far. We are having fun and hope this really works out for the whole industry.

Kenny, Connie, Brittany and Logan Adams
Covington, Ohio
Home: 937-473-5109


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