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Mike and Lea Ann Robison
Cow Creek Farm
Kerens, TX

Cow Creek Farm
Cow Creek foundation stock

Cow Creek Farm, owned by Mike and Lea Ann Robison, began as a show steer operation until 1996 when our first 2 goats arrived as companions to a donkey we had been given. These two nannies were sorry creatures when they arrived, but being goats they soon worked on our hearts. That fall we went to the State Fair of Texas and saw our first Boer Goats. I had to have at least one. At the feed store later that week, we were visiting with the owner and she told us of a Boer Breeder just up the road. We visited that farm and went home with a very pretty and very expensive 88% Boer buck. He was too young to breed our old ladies and since I had just gotten my computer, I decided it was time to research the breed. After reading about the breed and registering goats, we discovered our mistake in buying a percentage male. Even though he was registered, his offspring could not be... so he went to the sale and we started over.

A mother's work is never done

After that first faulty start, we located a registered full blood male that would suit both our needs and our pocketbook and we had our start as Boer goat breeders. We bought every large capacity nanny we could find and began breeding percentage Boers. Soon a friend we had made in our area decided she would sell all of her percentage does and we made the decision to buy her registered stock and made our first big step up in the business. Our next big step was to save our pennies, or I should say DOLLARS, to attend the fall production sales in search of our first Full Blood Doe. We were so excited to go to these sales, but had no idea of the prices that quality animals commanded. I had picked out a nice doe that I liked and when she came up, I donít know if the crowd was asleep or if fate stepped in but the bidding stopped just at our limit and we went home with Clara, she is on our prize winners page. Clara is still one our best goats and she will always be on our farm. She has done well in the show ring, bringing home our first Grand Champion ribbon, and she has done even better as a breeding doe.

patriotic goats

We are still working to improve our herd, and have recently purchased two of the prettiest Bucks we have ever seen, Apollo and Zeus. We are also planning the first embryo transfer on our ranch in January. It has been a busy time getting our donor does ready and all of the recipients, but it has all fallen in place and we are excited about this next step in the Boer Business. Our bloodlines include some of the most awesome genetics in the United States and our percentage and wether business is growing rapidly. We love it when the children send us pictures of their winning meat goats and we have sold quite a few that have made money for their owners in the ring.

Please visit us on the web at or better yet plan a visit to our ranch. We love to show people around and talk goats. Our email address is or you can give us a call at (903)396-2674.

Mike and Lea Ann Robison
Cow Creek Farm
Kerens, TX


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