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Small Breeder with 3 ENNOBLED Boers!

Billie, Sherri, Shelby and Lane Hall, owners of Oak Ridge Farm of Hamilton, Texas, got started in the Boer goat business in January 1994.
Along with Sherri's parents, Keith and Rita Curry, owners of Rocky Hill Farm also of Hamilton, Texas, we purchased 3 fullblood does and a New Zealand fullblood buck.

In 1995 when the South African imports started coming in, we decided that if we were going to keep progressing in the Boer goat business we had to find a South African buck. After a lot of phone calls we purchased our pick of a 60 day old buck kid from Spur World Wide. We named that Venter bred buck Oak Ridge Hudson. Hudson established himself as a top producing buck as well as proving himself in the show ring.

We, with the Currys, then purchased 2 CODI/PCI does, #1063 and #1147. By crossing Hudson and these 2 does we have produced some outstanding animals. The 1063 doe and Hudson produced RHF Hudson Shadow owned by The Boers Nest, Ronnie and Gwen Carter of Georgia. Hudson and 1147 have produced the ABGA Reserve National Champion Produce of Dam and the ABGA National Grand Champion Produce of Dam 4 years in a row.

We flushed 1147 to Hudson in the fall of 1997, they produced 10 embryos and we had 9 kids, 7 bucks and 2 does. One of those bucks we named ORF Lyle K407. We sold all of the other bucks as kids, but no one wanted Lyle. Lyle was a very late maturing buck, he didn't get anyone's attention until he was 6 or 7 months old. He just progressed with age. In March of 2000 we were notified that Hudson and 1147 had both been officially Ennobled. We were told we were going to receive some kind of award at the ABGA National Show for their Ennoblement.


In June of 2000 ORF LYLE K407 was named the ABGA National Champion Buck. Having a ABGA National Champion Fullblood has been a goal of ours from the beginning, but being small breeders we didn't know if we could ever accomplish it. Lyle was already a Champion in our eyes because he produced the Champion buck at the Select Sire Super Stakes in 1999 (ORF Blitz L407). In January of 2001 we were notified that ORF LYLE K407 had reached Ennoblement.

We have been slowly building our herd up to the 16 head of fullblood does that we currently have. At this point we still run several percentage does to produce show wether prospects.


RHF Cruz N406
Two of our up-and-coming bucks

We would like to thank all of the people that have helped us through the years. Mainly we would like to thank the many wonderful people that have shown confidence in our breeding program and purchased goats form us or used our bucks in their breeding program. Thanks to all!!

This is a exciting industry and if we all keep trying to produce top animals there is no limit to how far we can go as breeders.

Billie, Sherri, Shelby & Lane Hall ~ Oak Ridge and Rocky Hill Farms
Home of the 2000 ABGA National Champion Fullblood Buck
Ennobled ORF Lyle
Fullbloods & Percentages for sale
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Hamilton, Tx


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