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CIRCLE R BOER GOATS, established 1995

Goat Pens Circle R's mission is too raise top of the line HERDSIRES, and along the way raise excellent does. The bloodline used is the elite CODI/PCI, most people do not realise almost every NATIONAL CHAMPION since the beginning has been from at least one Codi bloodline parent, it was easy to see why raise CODI/PCI. I guess with my English background that I think more like a South African than an American. My goats are ALL naturally bred in ones and twos, and not in multiples. Supply and demand controls commerce - if you only have a few they are in high demand if you have the quality.

Here at CIRCLE R, I cannot keep up with the demand for these CIRCLE R CODI/PCI animals, and nobody can claim to have a full brother to any of my herdsires anywhere. They are unique because they were naturally bred. Here I do not raise just good kids - I raise good kids that grow into outstanding adult goats.

Bulldog at home Bulldog was born in 1997 and was the biggest buck kid I had ever seen, hence the name. He is from full CODI bloodline. I do not use buck kids in any breeding program, they have too prove themselves first. Bulldogs first fullbloods did not start arriving until 1999, and then not many. He is producing mostly does and they are surpassing all expectations. They all look just alike, and are winning a lot. His sons are tremendous.

Bulldog has been ENNOBLED from showing just 4 offspring since Sept 2000, in just 7 major shows.

The outstanding LONESTAR and his sister AFRICAN STAR between them have massed enough points along with LIL STAR to ENNOBLE an earlier buck DOMINATOR (deceased) owned by 50K Boer Goats.

I am currently working on 3 does that are also getting close to ennoblement from just 3 offspring each! That will make 5 animals ENNOBLED from CIRCLE R. This means that there are no room for culls here. I need every goat too be good quality, to step in the show ring and win points, and then produce as good as they are and better. I am very proud too say they are.

A CIRCLE R goat will be LONG, BIG, Full bodied, and have an excellent topline, strong upright front end with a strong bold head, lots of muscle, strong straight legs, one in each corner, When these goats stop and stand you do not need too set there legs apart, they do it naturally - they are built that way. The bites are good and stay that way past 2yrs old.

Visitors are always welcome here at CIRCLE R to just look at CODI goats and see the difference. Please visit the web site and read what the judge says about K9-CASEY, and remember she has a full identical sister KAY-9, producing, and 3 younger sisters, going to the show ring, FIESTA, SPARKLE, & MARDI-GRAS. These are all daughters of Bulldog out of one original CODI doe. The sons are tremendous... most notible BIGDOG and COWDOG, 2 yearlings that have been in the top 5 at every show entered. Each weighed well in excess of 200lbs at 11 months old and now, not yet 2, one is 327lbs and the other is very close. These 2 Bulldog sons will be at ABGA Nationals 2002.

Bulldog daughtersA group of Bulldog daughters wait for dinner.

From the beginning I have always believed Quality and not Quantity was the key, and time is proving this to be true. These Boer Goats are beautiful goats, and it is up too the breeders to improve on them like they do in SA, I encourage everyone to be very critical of your goats, do not just breed to get more and hope they will get better. Send the inferior ones too the meat market, and DO NOT use them as breeding stock. If you like to show and do not consistantly place, ask yourself why.



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