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April 2001 Production Sales
Keith Smith

For those of you who have never attended a production sale put on by a major breeder I would offer the following... Don't miss the next one - even if you have to travel half way across the country.
These sales provide an insight into the core of the Boer goat industry. This is where a large percentage of the high quality brood stock comes from. The quality of animals that will be accepted by the buyers has steadily risen over the last few years and this is where you have the best chance of buying that higher quality without paying an arm and a leg. Private treaty is still the best source of the very top of the line animals but production sales are now offering almost the same quality with the added thrill of competitive bidding. Some of the animals at these sales have the potential to be consistent show winners and producers of top quality offspring.

Silver Exchange Boer Goat Company - April 28th 2001
SEBG Sale Photo

This Goldthwaite, Texas, group can always be counted on to present some very fine stock in their production sales. Their offerings this past Saturday were of high quality and were well received by the bidders. Offspring from such power names as Nasdaq, Rambo, Frances, Mr. Mo, and Canadian Hunter were bound to result in agressive bidding.
The consignors were Silver Exchange, of course, High Mesa Ranch, the Farmers Stock Exchange, Sutherland Livestock, and Silvergate Farms.

93 animals sold with the top doe going to Bill Turnquist of California for $3750. This doe named Patsy, a 2/3/99 daughter of Deion, had been the object of much attention in the preview barn and bidding was spirited. Mr. Turnquist was also the volume buyer at the sale.
The high selling buck, named "Five Star", Lot #56, is a son of JLF 888 Rambo. Greg Martin of Carter, Oklahoma, took this fine specimen home for $4000.

High Selling Doe
Bill Turnquist with Patsy

Almost every sale springs a suprise on me - at this one it was when Fred Homeyer walked away with Canadian Hunter, a proven red stud buck, for only $1900. Hunter was co-owned by Silvergate Farms and Kallie-Harie Reds.

There is a lot to be said in favor of these Spring sales - the top item on my list is the more comfortable April climate as compared to last Summer's Labor Day sales. Previewing goats before a sale is *so* much more enjoyable when you don't have to stop every 10 seconds to wring the sweat out of your kerchief. The temperature inside the barn at the Mills County Civic Center in Goldthwaite, Texas, was downright enjoyable. The air conditioning inside the sale arena was welcome, though, once the crowd of anxious bidders and spectators packed in.

Downen Livestock - April 29th 2001

The Downen Livestock Company, Ewing and Donna Downen, have been marketing their high powered genetic lines since the early days of the Boer industry in the United States. Those genetics have been the basis of many of today's Boer goat herds. They switched from Fall sales to Spring sales two years ago and seem to do well in the new time slot.
The pedigrees of most of their offerings listed 3 ennobled animals and many would have shown 4 or 5 if the pedigrees had been displayed through the third generation. The big draws at this sale were the offspring of "trade" names like Pipeline **Ennobled**, Downen's Big 85 **Ennobled**, Ubora **Ennobled**, and Lobola, who has royalty in her genetics.

High Selling Buck
High Selling Buck with, from left, Donna Downen, Jerry Simpton, Ewing Downen, & John McKaskel

High selling buck went to Jerry Simpton and John McKaskel, partners in Border Boers of Val Verde, TX. They plan to use this $5800 buck as a show wether producer. The doe is a product of Pipeline **Ennobled** over Dow K238.

The high selling doe will go into the Continental Boer Goats herd of Mandy and Doug Bowman in Alachua, Florida. This goat was lot number 1, the first goat sold in the sale, and is the offspring of Pipeline **Ennobled** and Dow J93. The Bowmans traded $5500 in good ol' American green for her.

High Selling doe
The Downens with Mandy Bowman, center, and the High selling doe
2nd Highest Selling Buck
Donna and Ewing with Reggie Phillips and his new buck M291

The second highest selling buck, Lot number 76, is a son of Pipeline **Ennobled** and Dow2 J47. He is on his way to Kelly and Reggie Phillips' Ark Boer Goats in Gardendale, TX. The Phillips purchased him in partnership with Bill and Mary Robertson.

A new feature to this year's Downen sale was the ACCO goat feed givaway - The buyers of randomly selected lot numbers, announced after the gavel fell, were given a free 50# sack of ACCO goat feed. These types of alliances between breeders and suppliers will become more popular as the industry matures. There is much to be gained by both parties.

The animals and the consignors can make or break a sale but there are two things that have to be absolutely correct - The bids and the books.
Sue Kearney provided her usual accurate and timely record keeping at both events. The buyers and consignors can be confident in every transaction whenever Sue is involved. Y'all may not know it but loadout would be a nightmare without her services.
Mark Tillman has been a fixture in the Boer goat auction industry for a long time. His ability to excite the crowd and entertain at the same time is legend. Both of these sales benefited from the services of Mark and his bid catchers.

I'm repeating myself here... GO TO THE NEXT SALE! You'll be glad you did. And don't leave the trailer home just because you don't think you'll find anything you like - There's a lot to like in today's higher quality Boer goat market!


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