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Dennis & Judy Ansetta
DeRidder, LA
Reported by Dennis & Judy Ansetta

WHOO-EE, as the Cajun fisherman say -You should have been there yesterday!!

Glen and Lillian Allen held their production and wether sale on 1 July 2001 and it was a great one! We woke up Sunday morning to rain and lots of it. Now I know that we all needed rain but this just wasn't the best timing for the Allen's.

We got there early so we could pick out the ones that we would like to take home to the Never Done Ranch. Fortunately, Dennis didn't decide to rob a bank on the way up or we would have had to buy them all! This was the best representation of full blood and percentage goats we had ever seen at one sale. When Mr. Allen said he was selling some of his best does, he wasn't whistling Dixie. We would have been proud to put any one of these goats in our pasture. Every animal sold, from Lot #1 through Lot#165, were awesome animals.

There was also a wether sale and if you were looking for a wether with color, this was the place to come. They had some fantastic show wethers in every color - paints, reds, blacks and traditional.

The volume buyer was James Ragland of Garden Gate Boer Goats, Hodgenville, KY. The high selling doe ( a Kaptein daughter) sold to Downen Livestock, Early Texas for $6500.00. The high selling buck (Viagra) sold to Mr. James Kyle, Lookout Valley Meat Goats, Jacksonville, TX for $1700.00. Mr. Jim Rosenbaum, High Meadow Ranch purchased the high selling percentage doe for $1700.00.

In our opinion, Mr. Ragland now has the best percentage herd in Kentucky. The Downen's have several spectacular does to breed to their Champions, Mr. Kyle has brought new vigor into his herd and Mr. Rosenbaum, are you breeding the doe to Romeo?

Our hats are off to Lillian and Glen for putting on a super sale with awesome animals under adverse weather conditions. Not everyone would have been able to keep all the animals and buyers high and dry and managed to feed us a BBQ lunch too.

At time for loadout, there were a lot of stuck trucks, ours included, but they had a plan for that also. They fired up some four wheel drives and pushed and pulled until everyone was out and waiting to load. The load-out was fast and efficient.

I would personally like to thank the three men that pushed me out of the mud. I didn't take time to get the names but I appreciate the help.

We added a super full blood paint doe to the Never Done herd and have started saving our money for next year's sale. This will be one you won't want to miss! I Garontee!!

Never Done Ranch
DeRidder, LA 70634


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