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Anarchy In The Goat Industry

An Editorial by
Keith Smith

Synonyms of the word "anarchy" include lawlessness, disorder, and insubordination.
OK, now you know the tone that this editorial will take. Let me introduce the two directions it will take... property rights and showmanship.

Part I - Private Property -
Have you ever paid perfectly good money for a store-bought bicycle or something else only to have someone steal it? You felt pretty angry, didn't you? You may have even had bad thoughts about the thief. Maybe you even thought things like "That stupid thief!"

That thief was smart compared to some breeders of Boer goats! Stealing a bicycle that cannot be recognized because there are millions just like it isn't stupid. Taking property that is instantly recognizable makes the thief, well, not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
There are many breeders who would never think of stealing a bicycle but think it's perfectly all right to steal other property.
Would you use the Nike "Swoosh" as your logo for a new sports shoe company? Or how about starting a new soft drink company and calling it "Coca-Cola"? These are two ideas that would result in swift and harsh action the minute they were implemented! logo Some breeders think that it's alright to use significant portions of another breeder's logo. I'm here to tell you that it isn't alright!. If your name is not Keith Smith, Stan Benz, JR Patterson, or Don Reed and if you are using the symbol shown here, or any portion of it, in any way as part of your business I would strongly suggest that you throw away all those business cards that have the symbol. It would also make sense for you to use any of your banners with that symbol a clean-up rags. Then have new cards and banners printed that display a symbol that belongs to YOU!
What it boils down to is this... If a trademark is stolen or misused the trademark owner has both legal and civil recourse against the thief! And the courts are really liberal on the side of trademark owners.

KLS Boer Goats owns this particular trademark - purchased, paid for, and documented. KLS Boer Goats is owned by Keith & Lucinda Smith. And they want their property back!
In a word, "That's Mine!. And it's not for sale so keep your hands off!"

Part II . - Show Etiquette -
I recently attended two major U.S. National Boer goat shows. Some of the best Boer goats in the United States were attached by their leash to some of the worst behaved exhibitors I have ever seen!

I could not believe the antics of some of the exhibitors! There was a time, not too long ago, when adult exhibitors would walk their animals into the show ring and present them in an adult manner. Of course, I'm just an old fuddy-dud... "Party Pooper"... "gotta' rain on someone's parade"... "can't keep up with the times". No apology here - Once an exhibitor enters the ring they have no business sitting on a folding chair drinking a soft drink while the judge evaluates someone else's goat. That activity just about completes the definition of the word rude!

You might expect this behavior from someone young and inexperienced. But what about those that are paid to be good exhibitors? The breeders that they represent certainly weren't getting their money's worth - some of the "professional" exhibitors were the worst behaved in the show rings. These folks are supposed to be the best show persons in the industry.
Having a cohort bring a folding chair into the show ring so you can sit on your arse while the judges perform their duty is not only disrespectful of the judge but demonstrates an arrogance that I simply cannot comprehend. Couple that with laughter, joking, and other "party" activities inside the show ring during judging and you have a condition that should be embarrassing to the entire show end of the industry.
But the clowning wasn't limited to the open show... At one event it was continued during the senior showmanship competition! And to the spectators it appeared that the judge was not only condoning the bad behavior but was encouraging it!

The animals from KLS Boer Goats have done well in the show ring but I hope that we NEVER get so bored with exhibiting and winning that we act like juveniles during judging.

Getting back to judges... Since when did it become appropriate for judges and exhibitors to party together the night before a show? I'm sure (sort of) that there was no "hanky-panky" going on but even the appearance of impropriety must be avoided and all judges know it. A lapse of judgement like that does absolutely nothing to dispell the growing sentiment that judges are biased in favor of the more high profile breeders. welcomes and will publish opposing views.


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