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W.E. and Carolyn Whitehead

Carolyn Whitehead

Thank you God for all of the wonderful rains. We have turned out goats that have never eaten Grass. What an adventure....they came right back to the house. Oh well!

Last month we touched upon the selection process used here at the ranch. Below are some of the guidelines used for fullblood boer goats.

We actually don't pay a whole lot of attention to the kids until they are about sixty days old. At this point you should have a pretty good idea if they must be culled (according to the breed standards) or allowed to progress to the weaning state with supplemental fee. Bucks with cull faults are castrated at this time and does with cull faults are logged in as commercial only. These does will be used in our meat program or turned into the pasture to later be used for recipient does in our embryo transfer programs. Every year that we have culled this way has brought us to the most delightful realization that the numbers are decreasing in the feed lot and increasing in the stud section.

As soon as the kids are weaned (approximately 70 lbs.) we split them up. All castrated bucks and does with cull faults are then moved to the feed lot. Does, provided their teat structure is correct may be moved to pastures where they will remain until they are used for recips. Bucks and does meeting the breed standards are then separated and fed until they are sold, bred or flushed. The does usually will run in a trap about 150 acres and are fed once a day and are generally put up at night. Bucks that remain here for commercial breeding are not separated from those bucks to be retained for stud purposes until they are 12-14 months old. Then the commercial bucks are used in the pastures about 75-90 days out of the year. The rest of the time they stay at the house on supplemental feed in a trap about 80 acres. Those that make it to the stud level are kept on full feed until they are used in our flush programs or sold as stud breeding stock. Some commercial bucks are vasectomized to be used in our teaser buck program. We try to keep at least eight under the age of three at all times.

Happy Trails

W.E. and Carolyn

We hope each of you had a very pleasant summer.

Happy Trails,

W.E. and Carolyn Whitehead
T4 Ranch 


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