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Labor Day Weekend, 2001!!!
Keith Smith

OK... west Texas is DRY in August and September. When the plan was laid out He said "Give 'em Rain Once A Year - Never In August Or September. Let 'em Grow Rocks Those Months".
The plan went a little off center this year. Some places in Sutton, Schleicher, & Crockett counties were literally flooded on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of August! Bad Timing! That's when and where 5 of the 8 West Texas Labor Day weekend sales were scheduled!

Eight Boer goat production sales in 4 days isn't too much, is it? Fort Worth (home) to Sonora to Eldorado to Sonora to San Angelo to Goldthwaite to Fort Worth - that's not goat obsession is it? But it was FUN! Last year we went south with no intention of buying goats - just reporting on the sales for the 2000 version of this article. We bought two bucks and two does. This year we went south intending to buy one goat. We bought one buck and six does - not one of which was the one we thought we wanted to buy. That's not goat obsession is it?

One thing is certain... The quality per dollar spent this year was as high or higher than last year. Interest in the Boer goat as a breeding meat animal hasn't decreased one little bit. The only thing that has changed is the discrimination of the buyers. Some animals that would have brought $1000 last year were auctioned for $500 this year. Some animals that sellers would not have offered for sale last year were not even the high sellers in their respective sales.

This whole 2001 Labor Day weekend sale thing really started a week before Labor Day weekend. Three sales were featured that weekend but we were unable to attend any of them.

The Don Smith - Paul Payne partnership sale was in Talpa, TX, on August 25th. has been told by one of the principals that the internet is a waste of time... no information concerning the sale will be available on

The Sunny Acres Boers sale put on by Jack & Lois Dean was held that same evening in the Ag Barn just south of Eldorado, TX. The Deans were the victims of a low turnout probably associated with their remote location relative to the Smith-Payne sale and the timing - a few days before the start of the "Big Weekend". Sale prices, from all reports I have received, were less than exciting. I know Jack and Lois Dean's animals and can assure you that the depressed prices were not related to quality.

Then came the South Central Texas Boer Goat Breeders Sale in Seguin. Wether and production show goats were featured on Saturday and registered breeding stock was auctioned Sunday the 26th. Brenda Behring and Stanley Schilling along with guest consignors put on a nice sale and some very nice animals were offered and purchased. Ms Behring expressed satisfaction at the turnout and the prices brought by the goats.

Now we get to the sales that I can report on from personal experience...

Southwest Boer Goat Breeders (SWBGB), Schafer, Slaughter, Whitehead, Stegal-Long, and TNT Productions.
Friday evening, August 31st at 7:00 P.M. at the Fairpark Convention Center in Ozona, Texas. There were several reasons to attend this sale... First is the reputation of the sellers - always good. Then the great genetics offered - most available nowhere else. Every goat offered was inspected and certified to meet South African breed standards. And finally, the food!
This sale represented the final production sale offering of the TNT partnership goats. The former partners will continue to cooperate in breeding plans and private treaty sales but the purpose of the partnership has been fulfilled - Namely a group effort to import some of the best genetics available. Like many production sales this one featured free food before the action began. In this case it was chicken salad on biscuit sandwiches, goat sausage, cheese, and crackers - all delicious.

A special presentation of an SWBGB scholarship check was made prior to the beginning of the sale. The recipient of the $500.00 award was Kyran Larner. Charles Turner donated an additional $150.00 to the scholarship bringing the total to $650.00. Kyran was looking at a shortage in his book buying budget before the award so the timing was particularly good.

This sale featured 113 goats bringing a total of $114,925 - averaging $1,017 each.
The high selling buck was lot # 35, A Madiba line bred buck. With world champion genetics on both sides Warren & Darla Cude of Fort Stockton, TX, couldn't pass up the TNT buck for $4,100!
The top doe, lot #118, went to Don Smith of Talpa, TX, for $5,900. Guess what?!? Another line bred Madiba offspring from the TNT partnership.

Auctioneer Mark Tillman, assisted by his bid catchers, have been known by me to urge additional bidding when I have the current high bid (grin). Well... He was true to my memory of his actions - I bid on 10 goats at this sale and was only able to bring 4 of them home.
As usual and will be mentioned again, Sue Kearney provided great record keeping. This lady has probably handled more of my paper work at sales, and by extension, more of my money at sales, than any other person. I have never had a bad check out experience at auctions which she records.


Powell~Holman, Claire Powell and Sharon Holman.
After a great night's sleep in Sonora we headed to El Dorado just 21 miles North. The Powell~Holman sale had been moved from the Powell ranch to the Ag barn because of all the rain. Seems the persistent foreign wet stuff had rendered the parking facilities at the Powell place unusable (unless you had mud boots - and the goats would have needed them too). This was another sale that suffered from bad luck - washing the goats was impossible under the circumstances and there wasn't time to do it after they were trailered to El Dorado.
Once again Mark Tillman and his team kept the action moving and spurred the bidders on. Hopeful buyers pushed the price of Lot #16 to $4,800 before yielding. That high selling buck is a red paint out of Countdown over Sweet Sixteen. There were 6 bucks that sold for over $3000 but the demand was less frenzied for the does - The high seller, a very nice Classic over Burger 762/98-15 doe, went for $1,400 as lot # 41 while. Sue Kearney kept records.

The food? - Now, those ladies (Claire & Sharon) have a great cook for a mother! She prepared some of the tastiest sweets that I've ever had! Yummmmmm!


N&K/Morriss Holiday Sale, Norman & Kathy Kohls and Tommy & Doris Morriss.

OK... The Powell~Holman sale was over but those of us still needing a higher high from our bidding habits were in luck - N&K Ranch is only a short 11 miles West down Hwy 190 from El Dorado - their sale started at 1 P.M.
And why, you ask, did the Powell~Holman sale move and the N&K/Morriss sale stay put - after all, their ranches are only a few miles apart? As far as I can tell it's the old thing about "sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug". N&K Ranch was drying out enough for parking by the time folks arrived from the previous sale plus it didn't look like it had been hit too bad by the rain the previous day.
But auctioneer Bobby Fletcher would have to wait a while - The goat bar-b-que served at this event has become legend over the years and no one wanted to miss their share of the feast.

The overall prices were a bit higher at this sale but I must repeat - I don't think it's a function of the relative quality of the animals - it's more the chance of nature that created the rain storms that hindered one breeder more than another.

The high selling buck, lot number #6, was a Mike over J105 kid born 2-15-01 offered by Kohls/Morriss. George Alshwede purchased the buck as agent for Robert Chapman. Mr. Chapman recently lost his herd sire and was very interested in obtaining the same quality as he was used to. Mr. Alshwede's bid of $4,750 was not answered and the buck was loaded on Rena Lynch's trailer for shipping to Mr. Chapman.
Tom Boyer (right) figured that the quality of this doe would impress his wife, Carrie, so much that he bid $5,100 for the 3-6-01 daughter of Blazin' Frank. And, Carrie, Tom wasn't the only one trying to buy her - It's just that the rest of us finally buckled under his relentless bidding. With Blazin' Frank as her sire that makes her a grand daughter of Oscar and J43. And if that isn't enough to make anyone bid on her, her dam, L295, is a bodacious/Swieger676 daughter.
Oh, and by the way... Tom was the volume buyer at the sale, too, taking home a total of 8 head for $14,500. Looks like Chalk Creek Boers in Coalville, Utah, will have some more quality offerings as soon as the crop of kids are weaned from this set of goats.
The principals in the Kohls/Morriss partnership gather for their final photograph. Norman Kohls, left; Kathy Kohls; Doris Morriss; and Tommy Morriss.
Norman stated in his opening remarks before the sale, "The partnership may be completed but the friendship, respect, and other business relationships between us will continue".


And the day was only half over...
Granite H Boer Goats 1st Annual Production Sale, Eddie Holland.
I really let y'all down here... I was busy taking photos after the Kohls/Morriss sale and missed a real bidding dog fight back at the Ag Barn in El Dorado - Are you ready for this? $20,000 for a buck! Here is the email describing the sale that I received from Laurinda Boyd at the A&M extension office for Kerr County:

"Granite H Boer Goats - Eddie Holland of Kerrville, Texas had a record breaking sale over the Labor Day Weekend in El Dorado, Texas. Selling 25 units, This sale grossed $ 56,500.00.

M1021, Classic's full brother from Lukas Burger's stud in South Africa was the Top Selling Buck sold to Terry Blair of San Angelo and Barney Fowler of Andrews, Texas for $20,000.

The Top volume buyer was Mike Cornett of Tenroc Ranch in Salado, Texas. He purchased the top selling doe , a full sister to Classic from Lucas Burger's herd from South Africa for $2,000.00. Mr. Cornett also purchased the Second highest selling Yearling Buck, M1037 for $5,500.00 from the Pip Nieuwondt Stud herd in South Africa. Tenroc Ranch also purchased other excellent buck and doe kids from these new line of genetics.

The average price of the sale was $ 2,260.00.

The reason for the success of the sale can be attributed to the excellent quality and the new genetics from the leading Boer Goat Studs in South Africa from Lukas Burger, Pip Nieuwondt and Nico Botha. These genetics are no longer available to the United States because of the Quarantine."

Ed note: Having the Powell/Holman sale in the same building four hours earlier didn't hurt either.


XS Ranch Annual Production Sale with The BBI Dispersal Sale

We finally made it back to Sonora just in time to preview M.D. Shurley's offerings and get a quick bite of his goat dinner.

I met a goat at MD's sale that looked like a boar (as in male hog) - he's two years old and his name is Britches. He's mostly red and has the biggest, widest, firmest, muscles I have ever seen on a meat animal. Yep... I said "meat animal". That includes cattle, horses (?), rabbits, fish, pigs, chickens, ad nauseam! That sucker is all meat- no fat anywhere on him. I had my hands all over him - just as if I was judging him in the show ring. The only two reasons he isn't in my barn right now is that his legs are a little short for my taste (helping him to look like a boar) and our preference is for traditional colored Boers. He brought $2600 at auction and was the second highest selling goat in the sale. The high selling buck, BBI 140, went for $4300.

The volume buyer, Judy McDonald of Sonora, Texas,
shown here with M.D. Shurley (left), and Johnny Henderson,
purchased 10 head. This isn't the last time that Judy appears in this article, either.


After all these sales in just two days it would seem that it was time for a break. Not so! Sunday found us traveling to San Angelo for "The Cartel".

Concho Valley Boer Goat Producers Joint Production Sale, Batla Boers, Nelson Roach, Schwartz Ranch, Sisters II, TND Boer Goats, Trueheart Meat Goats.

This sale featured 85 head and was held at the Fairgrounds in San Angelo, Texas. The High selling buck, lot #71, a Pistolero kid from the Nelson Roach herd, went to Mike Cornett of Salado, Texas, for $2200. The top doe went to Don Smith of Talpa for $2500. She is from the Sisters II herd, out of Sherman and DSM Adele, and was sonogrammed with triplets by Jeremiah.
The high dollar buyer was Don Smith at $4850 and the high average buyer was Normal Vick at $1266 2/3. Jeff McCabe of Robert Lee, Texas, was the high volume buyer with 7 head. There were buyers from 8 states.
This was the only sale of the weekend which had uncomfortable weather - The N&K/Morriss sale the previous day was the only other sale not in an air conditioned building but they had been blessed with the coolness left over from the rain storms. When San Angelo rolled around it was pretty hot in the Fairgrounds sale area.


By the time the Cartel sale was completed we were glad to get in the air conditioned truck and head for Goldthwaite. The Pride of Texas Sale was waiting. Also, we had been told that the motel office would close at 9:00 PM and if we wanted to get into our room we had to check in before that time. I'm a big city boy so this was a bit of a strange event for me - I'm used to those 24-hour-a-day places, you know.

Par 5 Ranch, Blue Gainey Ranch, Ridgerunner Boers, Balcones Boer Goats, and Brock Boer Goats.
Once again Mark Tillman was the culprit - urging other bidders to outbid me! Does the man have no shame? I took it all in stride and also took home a nice yearling doe from the Par 5 herd - I guess that'll show Mark a thing or two, won't it? Actually... my wife, Lucinda, was the bidder on that doe while I was taking photographs of the sale. (oops, now she's got the bidding bug). But Mark talked other buyers into outbidding me on all the ones I personally bid on.


Finally, Monday, September 1st, Labor Day, 2001! The last sale of the weekend - I though it'd never come!
The Silver Exchange Boer Goat Company, Silvergate Farms and Farmer's Stock Exchange.
Teresa Turner constructed the Central Texas Livestock Center just East of Goldthwaite, TX, to host events such as livestock shows and sales. Put simply... the facility demonstrated a great amount of planning and forethought. It served very well for this sale.
Only problem... Mark Tillman was auctioneer again. This guy was not going to get the best of me this time! I had selected 8 really nice does and 3 bucks all of which would have added quality to just about anybody's herd. True to his calling, Mark managed to urge high bids that I couldn't match on 7 of the does and 2 of the bucks. But I got the two that I was most interested in!
The first item of business was, of course, Lot #1. This was an unusal lot #1, though... The animal was auctioned with the proceeds going to The Junior American Boer Goat Association. The high bidder on his nice doe kid was John Edwards at $900. But Wait!... John immediately placed the animal back at auction with the proceeds again going to the JABGA. Gilbert took her home on that second bidding round for $600 and the JABGA put $1500 in it's general fund.

The top earning doe at $5400 was a long bodied girl sold as lot # 27, a Mr. Mo / Downen L615 daughter.

The high selling buck, Lot # 53, a Rambo/Patsy son, went to Judy McDonald, of Sonora for $9200. (see, I told you that you'd hear more about this lady).
Teresa Turner expressed her thanks to the bidders saying, "Silver Exchange Boer Goat Company sold 94 head for an average of $1418.88 per head. The sale grossed $133,375.00. We are extremely pleased with the sale and grateful to everyone who attended and helped to make this one of the biggest sales for us to date.""


A big thanks to auctioneer Mark Tillman and his crew, auctioneer Bobby Fletcher, and "record keeper" Sue Kearney for their significant contribution to the success of these sales and the excellent health of the Boer goat industry! Their efforts make these sales educational, entertaining, and downright comfortable from the opening gavel till the last goat is entered into Ms Kearney's computer.

I also commend the sellers on presenting some good livestock that, from top to bottom, would be welcome improvements to most herds.

And watch out, Mark, I'll be back to haunt you next year!


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