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Boer Bonanza Sale
The first ever production sale by Bosque Valley Boer Goats was held at the ranch outside of Valley Mills, TX, on Saturday the 27th of October, 2001.
Anxious Bidders The weather was perfect for an open air sale under a large tent. Rena Lynch's crew and her guest consignors Justin Caylor, Bea & Ray Baker, Carol Davis, and Brenda Behring had obviously put a lot of effort into preparing the goats and the facilities for the sale. Hamburgers and roast beef sandwiches were available through a vendor and a keg was tapped just before the sale started.
Lot 1 Lot 1 was Bosque Valley Sumi Kayle, a 2-20-01 doe with a royal pedigree - HMR Sumo *ENNOBLED*, Frances 1407 *ENNOBLED*, DSM Billy Bob, RMR-SA-Katy, the 2000 IBGA National Champion and Kajana, The 1996 ABGA National Champion. The bidding for this nice doe set the pace for the entire sale. She sold for $900 - not great but a good price.
All breeding age does offered by Bosque Valley were sold as exposed and service memos were included with the bills of sale.
Recovery from goat attack Norman Kohls, right, the expert who provided the descriptions of the offerings, was the hero of the day. Mark Tillman, auctioneer was "attacked" by lot #39, a 7/8 doe offered by Bosque Valley Farm. Seems that the young caprine thought the best way out of the sale ring was over the back and through the auctioneer. Mark happened to be looking the other way at the time and Norman grabbed the young doe just in time to prevent any damage to auctioneer or goat. Norman is shown here still wiping his brow several lots later.
Up The Ramp

Lot #39 wasn't the only goat hesitant to go to a new home. Tim Whatley, left, and Justin Caylor struggle while encouraging a later lot to go up the ramp into the sale ring. They were, by the way, finally successful.

After the goat sale Rena offered some of her excess equipment... A Paul scale (no one wanted it), some combination hay/grain feeders, and some feed pans.
The sale, as previously noted, was officiated by Mark Tillman. He's the same auctioneer that I've written about in earlier articles - he has a habit of continuing to encourage other bidders after I have reached the limit of my budget for each animal I want. Well, this time I got the better of him... I was high bidder on both of the does I wanted - So There, Mark!
Sue Kearney handled the books and, as usual, in a very professional and personable manner. Thanks, Sue!


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