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Opinion - Full South African Goats
Jerri McDonald

Editor's Note: Part of the reason that the "Full SA" complaint keeps arising is because no one has been willing to write (or even speak) an opposing view. I invite you to submit rebuttals to any article, especially opinion and editorial comment.

As a breeder of South African Boer Goats I would like to say that I am tired of distinctions between New Zealand, Australian, New Genetics South African, etc.

ALL Boer Goats originated in South Africa where the breed was developed. Goats were exported into New Zealand, Canada, Poland etc., then found their way into the US. (One registry even includes the ancestors' country of origin on registration certificates) Does that mean we should add "US" or "Amer" to the "prefixes" (of US born Boers)?

There are beautiful as well as "cull" animals all over the world... just because "Mr. Big" or "Ms. Big" was a grand champion does NOT mean his/her offspring will be champions.
One of the SA judge's, while visiting (in the US), said that we Americans are too hung up on names: If the animal suits your purposes and will improve your herd, buy him/her - only one in a thousand will be THE BUCK or DOE!

Let's look at the animal, not the prefix, and judge each animal for his/her worth. In my humble opinion there are too many advertising "gimmicks" used by some to sell their goats!! Let the goat sell itself!

Jerri McDonald
Misery Farm; Santee, SC


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