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Tri-R Ranch
Breeder Profile
Richard and Manda Doffing
3601 Demaray Drive
P.O. Box 5605
Grants Pass, Oregon
phone 541-479-9480
fax 541-479-1128

Our goal at Tri-R Ranch is to produce the highest quality goats available. To do this, we have gathered the best genetics from around the United States. "Try Our Stock" is know throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the country as well.

Who is Tri-R Ranch? We are Richard and Manda Doffing from Grants Pass, Oregon. Two people who love goats! Richard grew up on a plantation in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Manda grew up in Southern California riding hunter and jumper horses.

Finding ourselves in the mists of city life with two young boys it was time to get back rural. We moved to 33 acres in South Western Oregon near Grants Pass and Tri-R Ranch was born. Tri-R Ranch started with the typical farm/ranch stuff - garden, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. The rabbits grew to a large commercial herd of New Zealand Whites, which provided meat for restaurants and stores in the bay area of California.

In 1997 the local cow dairy that sold raw milk closed and we still wanted milk - what to do? Cows are so large and we have no grass - what about goats!?!? We bought our first goats, purebred Nubians. Goats turned out to also like the brush under the trees. Wow, were goats good at clearing brush! Now we are in a better fire prevention condition and Richard can let his chain saw and loppers rest. Manda got hooked on showing. All the Nubians are of show quality and also high milk volume.

After a lot of research into the goat market our interest went to South African Boer Goats. During a trip to Texas in 1999 our first Boer Goats were found. These wonderful animals have turned into our newest project to the point of looking for a larger piece of ground to house Tri-R Ranch. Some of the Nubians are bred Boer to create a wonderful cross. We have many show quality Boer goats in the herd, and those not on the show string are very high quality meat producers.

We spend time teaching for the OSU (Oregon State University) Extension Service Small Farms Program on meat goats, cheese, rabbits and small homesteads. This is something we both like to do, help people who have questions. We spend a lot of time researching information to help ourselves, our animals, and others.

Look for us during the summer months at shows and fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to say 'hi', we like to meet people that love goats! Visit us at our web site to learn more about Tri-R Ranch or, better yet, come by for a visit. We would be glad to show you around and introduce you to our great animals.


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