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Breeder Profile
Joe & Nikki Raff
Wichita Falls, TX

Joe and Nikki Raff have been raising show animals all their lives. In Colorado, Joe's family maintained 70-head of Limo X Chi mother cows for show steers, and 30 head of Suffolk sheep for club lambs. In the plains of Texas, Nikki's family ranched almost 10,000 acres and raised club calves. Raff Boers started in late 1993, with 5 red-headed Spanish X Nubian does that were bred to "Bo" 606. Over the last 8 years using strict selection standards we've grown to only 30 Fullblood does and 20 percentage does.

Colt 45The base of our genetics is a L.M.. Burger buck, Colt 45, which was purchased from Texas Boer Bok in 1995. Colt 45 was selected not only for his phenotype, but as important, his genotype. Colt 45 is a long-bodied buck that puts a huge top and great front ends on his progeny. His consistency is attributed to his stout pedigree. His sire is Stallion, which is a son of Mampoer, and his dam is a direct Popeye daughter.

Colt 45 sons are proof of Colt's consistency. As recently as the last two years, two of his sons (Hanz and Gunsmoke) sired countless major stock show wether champions and reserve champions. Hanz sired the 2002 Reserve Grand Champion at San Antonio, Grand Champion at the 2001 Colorado State Fair and Grand and Reserve Grand at National Western in 2001. Gunsmoke sired the Grand Champion at the 2002 San Angelo Stock Show and Reserve Grand Champion at the 2002 Houston Stock Show.

Nat Res Ch Pair Both Sexes
In the breeding shows we have been equally successful. Using two out-cross bucks (K6 and EGGS-Ryals Wichester) on Colt 45 daughters proved to be a winning combination for us, producing Reserve National Champion Yearling Buck, Reserve National Champion Yearling Doe and Reserve National Champion Pair Both Sexes at the 2002 International Nationals.

We also came home with National Champion Percentage Doe Kid and National Champion Pair of Percentage Does.

CudaAlways looking forward, we finally found the next level in Australia. Cuda (our new import) sports a straight South African pedigree that has great bucks such as Stallion, Mampoer, and the SA Champion Moord (which shows up two times) on his sire side. Cuda's bottom side is equally impressive. His dam is a Magic granddaughter, which was sired by Tokkelos. Tokkelos sired the World Champion 2 and 6 tooth doe for Nico Botha at the 1998 SA World Championships. In person he is more impressive then his resume. According to all that have seen him, Cuda is the heaviest boned and muscled buck in the states that is still sound on his feet and legs, level and long bodied.

You can always see pictures of the animals mentioned at ! There you will find complete pedigrees on our premier breeding stock. While you are there take a look at the "Stud Service" page to find semen availability and maybe your next herd sire!


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