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April 20, 2002
The Crowd

"The breeding stock and show animals listed on these pages were selected by Stan and Dawn to be the producers of the next generation of industry leading Boer goats. Every one was classified as a "keeper" at the beginning of the Fall 2001 breeding season. The fruits of that selection are evident in the offspring at the side of some of the does listed."
The first paragraph on the cover page of the sale catalog set the tone for this "mother of all sales". The crowd was larger than expected with standing room only long before the sale started.

"When an industry leader is lost the torch which he carried should be handed to those who shared in his dreams. You will be those new torch bearers. This offering makes it possible for you, the buyers, to carry on the lines put in place by Benz Farms Boers."
The buyers took this paragraph to heart as they pushed the sales total to $368,700 when the final goat left the ring. In this season of cynics and pundits it's easy to think that the buyers were inspired only by business decisions but the prices seem to support the notion that there was also a little nostalgia involved.

EGGSfile High Selling Buck The Big Event was the offering of EGGSfile *Ennobled*. Pre sale rumors had placed his price in the $30,000 range. As the bidding went above the 35,000 mark the Hughes family of Arkansas and the partnership of Don Smith and Danny Henson soon left the rest of us behind. The bidding contest ended with the Smith/Henson final bid of $45,000!
High Selling Doe The high selling doe, BNZ 228, an 18 month old EGGSfile/Sunny daughter, brought $11,800 and went to her new home in California with the happy Ron Marsh and Tina Tingue.

Don Smith performed the duties of announcer during the sale and provided descriptions, including both good and bad points, of the lots being offered. He cautioned the prospective bidders that this sale was unique in that there would be no entity to receive complaints after the sale. All animals and equipment were sold "as is".

Don was very inspired by the bidding saying afterward, "Nationwide the Boer goat industry is growing toward the quality level that it needs to be at. It is so thrilling to me that (folks) from all over the country can now recognize the difference between a good goat, a better goat, and a top notch goat and that they understand that there is a valid price difference between them."

Dawn Benz expressed her appreciation for the many friends she has made. "The Boer goat industry is made up of the most incredible people in the entire world! You have been like a family to me and I appreciate you with all my heart. We had many, many wonderful days... just not enough years".

Thank you, Dawn, for being such a lady!


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