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Editor's note: will gladly publish rebuttals to this article which are based on documented evidence.
South African vs South African
All full blood Boers are South African
This is not opinion. This is documented fact.
Editorial by
Keith Smith

I own Boer goats that are direct decendants of some of the only Boers directly imported into the United States from South Africa. They are some outstanding animals but, then, so are our Boers that came to us from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

What prompted this editorial was a "buyer" (looker) who stopped by the other day. As we walked through the pens he was stroking me about what nice goats I had and how there were very few breeders with such good stock. Toward the end of his visit he expressed a real interest in "Huggy". I puffed up like a proud papa and proceeded to explain that she was one of our prime brood does, that she was not for sale, and that she was a Grand Champion full blood. "Now that is one fine goat!", he opined. "What's her bloodline? Is she South African"?

"Well, sir... her sire, African Andy, was a direct South African import. One of her great granddams on her dam's side was born in New Zealand, and one was born in Canada."

He looked shocked. "You could have had something really fine, there", he said, spitting out a wad of 'backy. "Too bad she's a percentage".

I didn't come unglued. I stayed on my feet. I patiently explained to him that she is a full blood and that all full blood Boers were South African in origin. I started to explain the different countries from which these great animals were imported into the United State but he cut me off in mid sentence.
"Listen, mister!... (Whatshername - name withheld 'cause I'm not stupid) told me that some of you breeders would try to pass off these percentages as full bloods. You gave yourself away when you said New Zealand."

Back in the house, after he had left and I had a chance to cool down, I got to mulling over what he had said. I had heard this same kind of thing from several folks new to the Boer industry - just never referencing the name of a "big breeder". I do know that there are a few breeders out there advertising "full South African genetics". I think it's time to set the record straight !!!

OK... let me take you back a few years and interject some history, here. The Boer goats in the United States are imported - all from South Africa.

  • Some are South African embryos imported into the United States from
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
  • Some are South African live animals imported into the United States from
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
  • Some are decendants of South African animals or embryos born in
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • the United States
  • Only two groups of South African embryos and live animals were legally imported directly into the United States.
    • A shipment of goats was imported directly from South Africa by J. Ross, H. Haby, Dr. Speck, and J. Lockhart for the original Lone Star Boer Goats that was owned by Rodney Robinson. These goats were usually named "African Axxx" where the "Axxx" was the individual goats name; such as "African Andy", "African Amy", "African Arvil", etc. Many of the decendants of these goats were purchased by KLS Boer Goats (me) along with Mr. Robinson's company known as RMR Boer Goat Stud.
    • Jurgen Schulz was also able to bring a single plane load of goats that he gathered from several South African breeders. This mixed bag of goats is now known as "CODI/PCI" which stands for Camilids of Deleware, Inc. and Pet Center International, the importers.
    • There are rumors of embryos secretly brought to the United States in spite of the US government restrictions against such activity. I don't think I'd want to admit to owning one of their offspring, would you?
Except for Mr. Robinson's and Mr. Schulz's groups, note that all of the "South African Boer" stock legally in the United States entered here from somewhere other than South Africa.

Just so you don't think I'm against "SA" genetics you need to know that I own offspring of some of the very few Boers that were directly imported into the US from SA. And I'm very proud of them - but no prouder than of my Boers who's ancestors came through some other country.

All full blood Boers are South African! This is not opinion. This is documented fact. will gladly publish rebuttals to this article which are based on documented evidence.


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