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The annual Showstopper sale has come to be known as one of the "Don't Miss" events in the Boer goat industry.
The main reasons are the high quality animals offered and the sellers' willingness to point out any potential problems with any goat in the sale. The other reason is the location of the sale and the facility... The Louisiana State Fairgrounds is close enough to the majority of Boer breeders to draw large crowds and the coliseum is set up in such a way as to be an outstanding forum for this type of sale.


Bill Ryals (right) and two of his progeny, Blake and Amber, take part in the introduction of the Edwards and Ryals clans at the beginning of the sale. John Edwards opened the sale with a remembrance of the late Stan Benz, a partner in the previous two Showstopper sales.


Lot # 138, EGGStra Brassy (left) and RRD M20.
Brassy was winner of her class at the 2002 International BGA national show. They were purchased by Butch Patterson of Azel, Texas.


These two does were perpetual pairs winners for the Edwards family. (I know they bested our pairs plenty of times). The two goats were offered for sale as "one or the other".


Two recipient does carrying implants from this pair were offered by Rocking R.
The sire is "Goldstrike", the 2002 International BGA Overall Grand Champion Boer Buck and the dam is RRD N393, 2002 ABGA National Grand Champion Jr. Doe.


High Selling Buck - The high selling buck was lot #81, RRD P463. Joe and Sandy Wiley added him to their SJW Boer Goats herd in Grovesport, Ohio, for $6500. P463 is a double bred Magnum *ENNOBLED* grandson out of Top Brass *ENNOBLED* over Magnum's Beauty. Joe is standing in the second row, 2nd from the right, between Bill Ryals, Sr., and John Edwards (hidden). Sandy is front row right holding the "High Selling Buck" and "Volume Buyer" jackets awarded by the sale.


High Selling Doe - Pete Ward (wearing a straw hat at the bottom of the photo) also took home a "high selling" jacket when he bid $6900 for RRD N206, a Magnum *ENNOBLED* over RRD M2. Magnum *ENNOBLED* is out of EGGStreme *ENNOBLED* over EGGSellent *ENNOBLED* and M2 is the daughter of EGGSfile *ENNOBLED* over Green Gardens Mzuri's Jazzlyn.


The Ryals family of Rocking R Boer Goats and the Edwards family of EGGS (Erath General Genetic Services) thank all of the attendees and buyers at the Showstopper III sale and invite everyone to the 2003 version of the Showstopper. Watch the internet and print media for sale information as the next sale draws closer.
EGGS may be contacted via email at or through their website at and the Ryals' are at, website


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