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It was June 29, 2003 and the 4th of July was almost a week away but Glen and Lillian Allen were going out with a bang. The show started at 1:00 pm and the fireworks were about to begin.

Excitement levels were high as Mago and Blackie, two of the premier animals, were selling early in the sale. There were several hundred buyers from 9 different states that had come to the sale for a chance to buy some of these fine animals. It was standing room only, the parking lot was full, and cars were parked on both sides of the road as far as you could see, as you may imagine, all the buyers were like kids at a fireworks stand.

Bidding started out slow on Lot #1, a fullblood daughter of Mago and a granddaughter of Kaptein. Her weanling daughter sold next and still the buyers were wary.

Mago came in as Lot # 3. You could cut the tension with a knife - buyers were looking around to see who their competition was going to be. Mark Tillman started the bidding and the first explosion started. The bidding was fast and furious and finally leveled out to two determined buyers, J.T. Ward from East Texas and the partnership of Double Eagle and Double Oak Ranch of Texas. When the bidding hit $6000, there was hushed silence and a lot of thought on the part of both buyers. When the final bid was taken, the partnership was the new owner for $6400.

The audience was still rumbling when Lot #4, Blackie, came into the ring. She was Glen's all-time favorite goat and many time champion percentage goat. Glen and Lillian thought so much of this 75% doe, that they had used her in several flushes that had produced more champion market wethers and breeding does.

Again, the bidding was extremely brisk as many wanted to take this beauty home but when the smoke cleared, she was leaving with Mr. James Agnew. The high bid was $4000.00. To the best of my knowledge, this is a record price for a percentage doe at a production sale. As proof of the success of this years' flush with Blackie, Lot #5, Blackie's Fancy, an April doe kid, sold to Mr. Agnew for $2000.00. I guess he figured he might as well take home a winning pair.

The fireworks had begun and between Mark and the bid catchers, they kept the bidding going throughout the rest of the sale right up to the Grand Finale, the wether sale.

There were over 400 goats sold, along with all the equipment and the dogs. Even the equipment was selling for prices equal to or greater than brand new.

Once again, the colored goats were in demand. Their prices were almost double, that of the traditionals, with Red Patriot selling for $2200.00 and moving to Colorado, The Fireman sold for $4300 to J.T. Ward of Texas. Mr. Ward. may have missed out on Mago but was taking home one of his sons. Laurie Sheridan of Never Idle Ranch bought GLA 100, a gorgeous 2 year old paint buck out of Mago for $3750. And once again as proof of the power this percentage herd packed, 17 of Blackie's ET kids sold for a total of $11,500, an average of $676 a head. We think that is pretty good for 3month old % kids.

The average on the five herd bucks was $3650. The average on the four red and paint bucks was $4162.50.

The high selling red doe was Cenisa, who sold for $4100 to Dr. M.B. Rad from Amsterdam, NY and one of her daughters sold for $3100. The high selling traditional doe was K-12, a CODI/PCI daughter of Bossman that sold for $2500.00.

So all in all, the Allen's went out with a lot of flash . They will be remembered as having, possibly, the best percentage herd in the country and missed by all at the shows.

We wish Glen and Lillian the best in whatever direction they choose to go. I know they think they are retiring but it is hard to get rid of goat fever once it gets a hold of you and I suspect we will be seeing them around some of the goat functions.

Good Luck, Glen and Lillian!

P.S We promise to take good care of K-12!

Dennis and Judy Ansetta
Never Done Ranch
DeRidder, LA  70634


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