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Keith Smith
August 12, 2003

The fourth edition in the Showstopper series held in West Monroe, Louisiana, on August 12th was the best yet!

The Showstopper has always been known for high quality Boer goats and gracious hosts. This year both of those renown characteristics surpassed previous presentations. The hosts, Rocking R Boer Goats - Bill Sr, Bill, Niki, Blake, & Amber Ryals, combined with EGGS - John & Jackie Edwards, make up an unbelievable team. An added attraction this year was a full day of goat related seminars the day before the sale. The seminars covered a wide range of subjects from evaluating wether goats to Internet marketing and were presented by experts in their respective fields.

The lure of great genetics, great phenotype, good food, and eager, cooperative hosts was too much to pass up for the estimated crowd of 250 that attended. Over 115 hopeful bidders vied for the Boer goats offered.

Jumping Boer Buck
Even the goats were excited!
RRD P636 expresses his disappointment at not being the "High Selling Buck"

The first lot usually sets the tone for the sale and RRD P485 , a Magnum *Ennobled* daughter, was no exception. Going to Missouri for $2,200 she was just under the average price of $2, 644.62.

Lot #2, EGGS Penitas P718, came closer to the average, going for $2,400.

And, before you panic and think that I'm going to list every animal, I'll only list one more from the front of the sale list - Lot #3...

High Selling Boer Buck

RRD Bigun P449, a RRD Remington *Ennobled* over RRD M151 *Ennobled* son, was described in the catalog as "...placed 4th in class of 65 at the 2003 Nationals... ...Overall GC Buck at 2003 OMGA, Reserve GC Buck at Baton Rough and GC Jr. Buck at 2002 Greater AL Fair." He has earned 65 ABGA ennoblement points and has passed visual inspection. What's so special about him? He was Top Selling Buck at $22,500. The partnership of Web Governor and Sam Abney of Florida outlasted Tracy Kiehl who was bidding for an Oklahoma partnership.

The next real excitement for me was Lot #6, EGGSotically P699. She won her class at the 2002 International National Show and has been a consistent top ten placer in the major shows. She went for $6,200 to Ken and Vickie Pelt of Kountze, TX.

I also had my eye on RRD Gold Strike, the 2002 International BGA National Champion Buck, Lot #23, but he went to the partnership of Daryl Fryman and Matthew Cantrell for $11,500. Gold Strike has accumulated all the necessary points for ABGA ennoblement but must wait until his offspring are old enough to be inspected.

High Selling Boer Doe

This fine lady, RRD P479, a Top Brass *Ennobled* daughter, is going to the partnership of Phillip & Mary Grover of Washington Courthouse, OH, and Rollie Rosenboom of Clifton, IL. She was the high selling doe at $8,300.

The high volume and high dollar buyer was Dr. M. Rad from New York. He interrupted an Orlando vacation to be at the Showstopper and take home 28 Boer goats for $68,300.

Was the sale successful? How about 130 head averaging $2644.62 for a total of $343,800.00!!!

    The seminars presented on Friday included:
  • "How to select prepare and show wether goats" - Joe Raff
  • "Fitting Show Goats" - Johnny Ford
  • "Goat Nutrition" - Dr. Rick Machen
  • "Commercial Management Practices" - Dr. Rick Machen
  • "The Dot Com Approach To Advertising" - Keith Smith
  • "General Advertising" - Terry Hankins
  • "Hoof Trimming" - Blake Ryals
  • "A.I. clinic" - John Edwards
  • "Semen Collection & Evaluation" - John Edwards
  • A hands-on ultrasound session - John Edwards

Meals were "on the house" - Friday, after the seminars, the Ryals and Edwards families provided a jambalaya dinner and a lunch of barbeque beef, chicken and sausage was served before the sale on Saturday.

Will I go back to next year's Showstopper? JUST TRY TO STOP ME!


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