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The Industry's Alive And Well
(Unofficial stats from ringside)

by Keith Smith



The volume buyer for the weekend, Dr. M.B. Rad, asked Justin Caylor to haul his goats from Texas to New York in Rena Lynch's double-deck trailer.

The 2003 edition of the "Annual Goat Buyers' Migration To South Texas" proved that the Boer goat breeding industry is as strong as ever. Buyers from over a dozen states were represented at the eight sales during the four day marathon. Twenty-five of the industry's top breeders offering 735 lots is a lure too strong for even the most jaded of breeders. The good food served at every sale didn't hurt the attendance any either.
From the hand-written notes we wrote down at the sales it looks like $816,350 changed hands, an average of $1110.68 per goat.
Day One - Friday, August 29, 2003 - Ozona - SOUTHWEST BOER GOAT BREEDERS
This first sale of the weekend is a "must attend". The food is always good, the hosts gracious, and the goats high quality.
Schafer Farm
Stegall Long Boer Goats
Stegall Ranch
T4 Ranch
Lots: 109
Total: $107,900
Average: $990

Volume buyer
M.B. Rad, Amsterdam, NY - 17 head

HIGH SELLING BUCKS - both $4,100.00
High Selling Buck - Hayer
Tommy Hayre, Sheffield, TX
Lot #58, a 02/23/2003 buck out of OSCAR *ENNOBLED* and L62 JLS consigned by Judy Stegall
Hi Selling Buck - Chavana
Ervin Chavana, Menger Creek Ranch, Boerne, TX
Lot # 41, a 02/02/2002 Stegall-Long consignment out of STUD MONKEY and MISS KALLIE
High Selling Doe HIGH SELLING DOE - $5,600 Outback Boers - Double Eagle Ranch Partnership
Lot #63 - a DOOCEY over ROULETTE daughter born 03/01/02
Day Two, Sale One - Saturday, August 30, 2003 - Eldorado - N&K RANCHES, INC.
The first outdoor sale of the weekend looked like it'd get spoiled by rain... but then my wife, Lucinda, reminded me - no being, mortal or not, would dare rain on Norman Kohls' parade.
N&K Ranches, Inc
Kallie-Harie Reds
Lots: 70
Total: $83,775
Average: $1,197

Volume buyer
M.B. Rad, Amsterdam, NY - 6 head

HIGH SELLING BUCK - $2,500. A CEO over N73 son from Kallie-Harie Reds.

HIGH SELLING DOES - both $7,000.00
High Selling Doe - Edmiston
Dr. William Edminston, Eldorado, TX
Lot #44, a 02/28/2003 Daughter of N72-Red Guess and N21, consigned by Kallie-Harie Reds.
Hi Selling Doe - Cude
Warren Cude, 3C & TP Ranch
Lot # 11, a 02/08/2003 doe out of FLASH and M 302 from the N&K herd.

Day Two, Sale Two - Saturday, August 30, 2003 - Eldorado - Powell/Holman
Rain didn't spoil Clair and Sharon's tent-covered sale, either... Oh, it rained - but that didn't even come close to dampening the spirits of the buyers.
Lots: 89
Total: $149,900
Average: $1,684

HIGH SELLING DOE - $6,900.00

BINGO, 2002 & 2003 National Grand Champion, over Powell/Holman 227N went to Ron March and Tina Tinque.

Purchased by Hugh Coates of Bracketville, TX - EARS over 112K.
Day Two, Sale Three - Saturday, August 30, 2003 - Sonora - XS RANCH
Rushing from the previous sale to M.D.'s is kind of a hassle but once there you get to see some fine goats go through the ring.
Sunny Acres Ranch - 27 head
Brenda Behring - 10 head
Raceway Farms - 2 head
Horn - 23 head
Morris - 1 head
XS Ranch - 15 head
Lots: 78
Total: $44,625
Average: $572

Volume buyer
Sparks Ranch, Marlow, OK - 8 head

HIGH SELLING DOE - $3,275.00

Brenda Behring's PRINCESS GRACE - 04/28/2001 doe out of NK MAVERICK and GISLER SIDHE purchased by Sparks Ranch, Roger, Nancy & Joan Sparks, Marlow OK.

The Top Daily Gain buck in the ASU test this year - 1.02 pounds gain per day - the highest gaining buck ever on test. A XS 346 STARBUCK *ENNOBLED* over XS 473, a daughter of BBI L44 MAG, the 2001 ASU Test Reserve Champion. Purchased by Dr. M. B. Rad, Amsterdam, NY.
Day Three, Sale One - Sunday, August 31, 2003 - San Angelo - GRANITE H BOER GOATS
How do you get folks to attend a sale on Sunday morning when they're supposed to be in church? You have a "cowboy" church service and a breakfast meal just before the sale.
Lots: 70 including 5 American Purebreds
Total: $68,800
Average: $983

HIGH SELLING DOE - $3,300.00

A 02/21/2003 daughter of BIG BEN and GHBG N12 - John Edwards, E.G.G.S., Stephenville, TX

Purchased by Bill Cantwell of Harper, TX - N9 SPATEN over M1032.
Day Three, Sale Two - Sunday, August 31, 2003 - San Angelo - THE CARTEL
The San Angelo Fair arena is a great venue for goat sales. It also has a fully equipped kitchen which Beverly Hadley and Daryl Coates took full advantage of in preparing what Lucinda termed "The best food of the weekend".
163 buyers from 15 states packed into the Concho Pavillion in San Angelo, TX Sunday, August 31st for the fourth annual Cartel joint production sale. Ernie and Debra Schwartz of Schwartz Ranch Inc, Garden City, TX; Matt Brown of Trueheart Meat Goats LLC, Eldorado, TX and Becky Sauder and Beth Mason of Sisters II, Carlsbad, TX treated the crowd of over 300 to a "five star" lunch of goat meat sausage and meatballs with all the trimmings.
The sale action was brisk with buyers vying for several breedings to the National Reserve Champion Buck "Favorite Trick" as well as what was termed by many in attendance as an outstanding set of goats.
High seller was an October doe kid sired by Favorite Trick. S2 P130 consigned by Sisters II was purchased by Buckeye - Illini Genetics, the partnership of Phil and Mary Grover and Rollie Rosenboom for $8,000.
The high selling buck was S2 Quick Trick, a Favorite Trick son consigned by Sisters II, and purchased by Kenny Adams of Adams Boer Goats of Covington, OH for $2700.
The % doe sale was topped by another Favorite Trick daughter. S2 R22 was a Sisters II consignment. She sold to 7D Boer Goats, Kerry Davidson, of Whiteland, IN for $1100.
Bucks averaged $1178.
Does averaged $1252.
% Does averaged $608.
The winner of the drawing for the free breeding to Favorite Trick was Larry Jennings of Sonora, TX.
HIGH SELLING DOE - $8,000.00

Buckeye-Illini Genetics, LLC - A daughter of FAVORITE TRICK *ENNOBLED* over S2 ZIMBA.

A son of FAVORITE TRICK *ENNOBLED* over S2 ESSENCE. Kenny Adams, Adams Boer Goats, Covington, OH
Day Three, Sale Three - Sunday, August 31, 2003 - East of Talpa - PRIDE OF TEXAS
This was a "bitter-sweet" event for a lot of us... Joetta Boyd of Blue Gainey Ranch was dispersing her entire show string and the foundation does that produced it.
The facility was marginal for this type of event but the consignors will be moving the sale to the San Angelo Fair arena next year.
Balcones Boer Goats
Blue Gainey Ranch
Brock Boer Goats
Ridgerunner Boers
3C & TP Ranches
Lots: 121
Total: $109,125
Average: $901


James Agnew & Brenda Larner partnered with Bill & Dolores Soltow to purchase almost all of Joetta Boyd's show string including BLUE GAINEY'S DIMPLES, above.

HFF CLUSO-99 over RMB WATUSI PRINCESS was purchased by Beth Coco of Robert, LA.
Day Four, Finally - Monday, September 1, 2003. Labor Day - Goldthwaite - SILVER EXCHANGE
Lots: 99
Total: $138,900
Average: $1,403

Volume buyer
Dr, M.B. Rad - 18 head

From Ms. Lynn Farmer:
"The Silver Exchange Boer Goat Company gratefully reports 126 registered buyers from 13 states attended their annual 2003 Labor Day Production Sale. The total head consigned was 99 and the total amount received was $138,900.00. The high selling buck went for $14,000.00 and the high selling doe brought $5,200.00.
Teresa Turner of Silvergate Farms, Jim and Lynn Farmer of Farmer's Stock Exchange and Kody and Jana Sutherland, Sutherland's Livestock, wish to extend their Texas "thank you" to all you attended and to all who purchased goats.
The next SEBG sale will be their 2003 Herd Reduction Sale, October 18, at the same place and same time with the same complementary lunch."

FSE 9050 NASDAQ - 8 Grand Championships, 2 Reserve Championships. Purchased by Downen Livestock, Ewing & Donna Downen, Early, TX. With the Downen herd prefix of "DOW" and the Farmer's penchant for naming their goats with stock market names I guess you could say "DOW takes NASDAQ".


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