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Richard Parmer

Par 5 Ranch put on a Free Goat Seminar Friday prior to the Production Sale. There were 115 registered attendees. Many of the attendees commented that the quality and content of the seminar was the best they had the pleasure to attended. Dr. Sam Castleberry put on an excellent Embryo flush and transfer presentation. Preston Faris and Norman Kohls' Evaluation and Selection presentation was of tremendous interest and the question and answer session had to be cut short and continued after the presentations. Charles Turner and Norman Kohls' presentation on Breeding and Selection for the highly competitive wether market was another presentation that was so stimulating that the question and answer session had to be continued after all the presentations were complete. Preston Faris' presentations on Nutrition and Showmanship was in a class all their own. Many attendees commented on Preston's knowledge, presentation content and quality and his great organization and teaching skills. The seminar presentations were completed by 4:00 pm but the question and answer session lasted until almost 6:00 pm. Our guest were very appreciative of the information and the fact that a producer would put on a seminar of this quality that was free to the public.

Emil Luedecke's Bar-B-Qed goat was the talk of the sale. The quality of the meat was excellent.

Par 5 Ranch's 2nd Annual Production sale was very successful. All animals had passed the ABGA's Visual Inspection and the yearling Buck and Doe selection was considered by all that attended to be excellent. Par 5 Ranch's Quality continues to excel.

Richard and Mary Lou Parmer with the High Selling Buck, Lot #95 STARMAN'S FRANCO, sold to Bill Gebbs, Houston, TX for $2,500 by phone bid received by Preston Faris (left).

High Selling Doe, Lot # 48 PAR5 R0174 sold to Alamo Boer goats, Joe Fuller Sr. (2nd from left) & Joseph Fuller Jr. (left), Elmendorf, TX for $1,900.
The Fullers also purchased the 2nd and 3rd high selling does. The PAR5 sale date was the 1st anniversary of the Fullers' entry into the Boer goat business.
Sale statistics:

90 Registered buyers representing 5 States and Mexico.
46 Registered buyers bought goats.
9 Buyers exceeded $3,000
4 Buyers exceeded $5,000
Gary Shores of Alvin, TX. was the volume buyer.
High Selling Buck - Bill Gebbs Houston, TX $2,500
High Selling Doe - Joe Fuller Sr. Elmendorf, TX $1,900
Sale Average $953 on 113 head. Gross sales $107,689
Doe Average $988
Buck Average $883


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