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Beware of SCAMS

February 2, 2004

Run away from any deal that sounds too good to be true or even smells a little like nanny berries. It's not worth your financial reputation, your money or your peace of mind.

This one surfaces every few months... I figured a reminder was in order.

You advertise a goat for sale.
You wait anxiously for someone to respond.
Then, one day you check your email and there it is... the opportunity of a lifetime!

Not only does the writer want your goat they want to send you more money than you're asking! You want $750 for your buck and the writer is going to send you $3950.00.

They claim to have made the check out for too much or some other such nonsense. The buyer wants you to cash their check and send them the difference. Shoot, you can keep a few hundred extra bucks for yourself for your trouble!
You are also reminded to send the buyer your address so that someone can come and pick up the goat.

The proposed payment is to be in the form of "a certified cashiers check" which you need to take to your bank and deposit into your account. Then you are asked to send the buyer your own check for the excess, minus your "inconvenience" money, to an international address.

The "certified" check will probably look valid, even to your bank teller. The teller accepts it for deposit and you send a check for $3000 to the buyer. Boy, did you come out smelling like the proverbial rose on that one! You sold a $750 buck for $950.

One "leetle beety" problem... When the "certified" check hits the clearing house it bounces higher than the ceiling. The clearing house notifies your bank which in turn deducts the $3950 from your account.
Your check to the "buyer" is good, of course. Or not... Now the bank has you flagged as receiving and writing hot checks.

Now you have a bad bank record, are out $3000, have given your farm address and driving directions to a crook, and you still have the goat you thought was sold.

The price is irrelevant. The quality is irrelevant. The breed is irrelevant. In fact, the species is irrelevant... cattle, horse and rabbit breeders have received this type of contact.

Run away from any deal that sounds too good to be true or even smells a little like nanny berries. It's not worth your financial reputation, your money or your peace of mind.


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