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Keith Smith

A new era in goat sales and seminars was innaugrated Friday, August 13, 2004. Interested goat raisers could attend The Showstopper V seminar and sale by logging on to the Internet. Breeders John & Jackie Edwards of Erath General Genetic Services (EGGS) and the Ryals family of Bill Sr., Bill, Nikki, Blake and Amber from Rocking R Boer Goats put on quite an event.

140 goat lots averaged over $3200 dollars each. There were 212 on-line attendees of the seminars and 201 people watched the sale on their computers. There were 227 Internet bids resulting in 38 lots going to people bidding from the comfort of their home or office.

There are many benefits of such a presentation.

Seminar attendees and sale buyers can take part in the event from anywhere in the world with no travel costs and little or no interruption of their herdkeeping or other schedules.
The event consignors increase their audience and number of bidders by a significant amount.
The industry gains exposure to a wide group of potential new breeders.

Just as there are many benefits there are also some drawbacks.

Although the technology is available to make on-line presentation almost "live", the hardware, software, and Internet connection speed of the expected audience requires that the video portion of the transmission be limited to about two frames per second. That limitation renders the evaluation of a sale animal's movements rather difficult.
On-line presentations such as these are somewhat expensive for event organizers. At a base price of $2000 plus expenses the cost might be beyond the budget of the smaller sales. But, considering that the cost represents the earnings from maybe one or two sale lots, it could be a good investment for mid to large sales.
Buyers expect to register before they can bid in any auction, including on-line ones, but in the case of the DV Auction presentations a separate initial user registration is required to view an event. In these days of fear about identity theft many Internet users are hesitant to provide their name, address, etc., to an organization that they are not familiar with. In the case of DV Auction, Inc., there should be no such worry... they've been presenting these type of events on the Internet for quite some time.
Once registered to view, though, the user is free to browse any active sale or event.

The experience was enjoyable for me in spite of a few glitches, at least one of which was caused by "human error" - near the end of the sale the auctioneer's Internet microphone somehow got turned down to zero volume rendering it impossible to know how the bidding was going. The presence of a bid tote board display on the DV web site would have lessened the impact of such an error.

Is there a future for Internet sales of replacement and show Boer goats? From the results garnered by this annual Ryals/Edwards event you can be assured that other sellers will jump on board.

Tami McIntosh, the Specialty Sales coordinator for DV auction said, "DVAuction, Inc. was proud to be a part of the Show Stopper Seminar & Sale. The Show Stopper was a ground breaking even in two aspects. It was the first Boer goat auction for DVA and the first Boer goat auction ever broadcast live via the Internet. The response was absolutely phenomenal for a first time auction. The participation of online viewers broke the 200 mark. The online involvement created an exciting atmosphere with the crowd in attendance at the auction. The Boer goat industry can be proud of its progressive producers. You could not ask for more friendly and accommodating families than the Edwards & Ryals. DVAuction, Inc. looks forward to further involvement with the Boer Industry and it's producers."

The Showstopper "family" would like to thank all of the participants in it's Showstopper V and invite everyone to attend the 2005 version of the Showstopper. Watch for information at .


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