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Peacock Sale A Great Success
Dennis & Judy Ansetta

This new innovation for On-Line sales is a great thing. I have been watching Boer goat sales on DV Auction and having a great time trying to second guess the buyers.. My computer is too slow to make on-line bids so I have been saving lots of money in the process.

After watching the last few auctions, I thought Boer goat prices had finally stabilized so the average buyer wanting to get started had a chance to add some great genetics to his herd. The prices have gone so low in some of the sales that I even saw a yearling buck sell for $100 ! He would have made a good commercial buck for someone and in fact, would have probably brought more at the local sale barn.

Well, as I said, I have been saving my money by watching the action on the computer so I decided that the one sale I would attend was the Double Eagle sale. After all, the reds and colored goats are where my herd focus is and he sure had some beauties in his catalog.

I invited a buddy to go with me on a scenic tour of Texas - if I was going to Texas, I had to get feeders from Roy Sanders for me and several of my friends. At the last minute, I found out I had to deliver a buck to Pilot Point, TX so we were going to cover about 700 miles in one day.

When I arrived at the barn on Friday evening, it was packed and my buddy and I started looking around. He was new to the goat business and had lots of questions. These were some high quality goats and they were some beautiful animals. I had my eye on several young bucks out of War Paint. We picked our favorites and then headed for food and the hotel. I also had to get a chicken fried steak - there aren't any better than the ones made in Texas!

We got to the barn early and there were a lot of familiar faces and some names I had heard and could now put a face with them.

Promptly at noon, the sale started and as I suspected - the prices were high and the anxiety was higher. As they sold the first few lots - bidding was brisk and bids started high and never went down.

When the much anticipated War Paint came into the ring and bidding started, I was glad that I was not in the running for this awesome buck because he promised to go way out of my limited budget. When the smoke cleared, Outback Boers had a new herd sire and a big chunk of change missing from their jeans pockets ... $26,000.00! My buddy was astounded

In my mind, the story of the day was not the price of War Paint but the fact that the goats prices stayed high from start to finish. Of the 74 lots of fullblood Boers, almost a quarter of them sold for over $5000.00 and the average for the total 89 lots, that included one lot of semen and thirteen lots of percentage does was $3277.00.

The Peacock's should be proud as they have shown the goat world that there is an obvious market for the reds and paints and that where consistent quality is offered, the prices reflect our respect for that quality.

I'm stealing a line from Mrs. Peacock who said that if people could be ennobled than Ronnie's parents should be recognized. By the same token, if ranches could be ennobled - Double Eagle Ranch deserves the honor.

Dennis and Judy Ansetta raise Red, Paint, and Traditional Boer goats at their Never Done Ranch in DeRidder, LA.


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