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MMGGA Summer 2005 Newsletter

Michigan Meat Goat Growers Association Newsletter - Summer 2005.

Kim Walton
4303 E Center Road
Hastings, Mich. 49058

Photo by Ann Paschel Hopefully you have gotten through the kidding season in good shape. It was a very cold spring for babies.

There is a good sale coming up, I urge folks to attend this sale whether or not you need to buy goats. I'm waiting to hear back from Chris Godsey, to see if he will be willing to speak to MMGGA on marketing goats after this sale finishes.

2nd Annual Great Lakes Boer Goat Sale
Sat. June 18th at 1p.m.
Calhoun Co. Fairgrounds, Marshall Michigan
Event managed by The Godsey Farms, LLC
Catalogs will be available on line
There will be a MMGGA meeting, Saturday June 18th, at approximately 5:00 pm at the Calhoun Co. Fairgrounds, following the above sale. I urge all the Board of Directors to attend if at all possible, and everybody is invited! We need to talk about the up coming events.

We now have a website, thanks to the help of George Silva. It is:
The more people link to the site, the more it will come up on the search engines. Anyone into goats can link, and if you'll send me your link through the "Contact Kim" box we will also link to your site.

The February 26, 2005 MMGGA Workshop was a huge success! With over 30 participates and lots & lots of lively conversation. There is no doubt that goat people like to share and learn from one another!

The speakers, Roberta Osborne, George Silva and Dr. Mark Remick were great; they all answered lots of questions, and Dr Remick cleared up lots of misinformation about the new Scrapies Tag rules. Note: If you missed the meeting- you can get FREE TAGS and applicator, see web page for more info.

In the MMGGA Meeting that followed the workshop, the revised by laws were approved, and several events were tentatively planned. Ag-Expo is an event MMGGA will be represented at, I can do one day but I need help for the other days. Ag Expo 2005 is July 19-21 at MSU. Please contact me soon if you are able to assist.

The Michigan Boer Goat and MMGGA (no we're not the same!) are going to join forces and offer a Spring 2006 Fair Project Meat Kid Sale. One suggestion was to hold a Silent Auction instead of the normal bidding. Producers interested in entering kids for this sale should select their very best meat kids to consign, check out requirements for fair project animals; i.e. Dis-budding, castrating, plan birth dates for early Jan. of 2006 and any other requirements. We're looking into holding this at the MSU Pavilion.

A little closer at hand, MMGGA is looking to set up TWO Graded Goat Sales this year. The first in August and the second in October, but the dates are not set. Rusty Plummer offered to check with United Producers on dates and details and get back to us on this. We need a lot of goats for these sales to be a success, so producers need to hold as many goats as possible to consign. If done right we should be able to come close to, or match the other large goat sales in the country.

GOOD NEWS! MMGGA is now a member of the American Meat Goat Association; I will bring that information to the meeting. If the MMGGA producers would like, we could check in to doing an association ad.



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