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2005 Sheep and Goat Field Day - Booneville, AR
Press Release

The field day will be held on September 30 and October 1 at the South Logan County Fairgrounds in Booneville, AR.

Topics covered will include techniques in reproduction (artificial insemination, embryo transfer, accelerated breeding, out-of-season breeding), new developments in parasite control, organic production of livestock, nutrition programs, and a youth program.

There will be an opportunity to display animals/products, a lamb or goat barbeque, and a chance to interact with other producers, extension agents, and scientists.

There will be a semen evaluation for rams available for pre-registered participants.

The field day is organized by USDA, ARS, Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center and University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

Please register early so that we can plan for Friday's dinner, Saturday's lunch, pen availability if you plan to bring animals, and for the semen evaluation.

There are no fees, but you will need health papers and scrapies tags if you bring animals.

You can call Lola at the USDA, ARS station, 479-675-3834 or email Dr. Burke ( to register or for more information.


Friday September 30

Registration at USDA, ARS Research Station 12:30 B 1:00

Tour of USDA, ARS, Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center 1:00 B 4:00


Saturday October 1

Registration 8:00

Welcome 8:30

New Developments in Parasite Control 8:35
Dr. Joan Burke, USDA, ARS, DBSFRC/Dr. James Miller, Louisiana State 

Reproduction Management 9:15
Dr. Stephan Wildeus, Virginia State University

Break (Take time to view sheep, goats, and displays)

Youth Program 10:30
Carrie Wall, Jack Boles, UACES

Langston Nutrition Calculator 10:30
Dr. Steve Hart, Langston University

Organic Livestock Production  11:15
Speaker, TBA

Lunch (Lamb and Chevon) 12:00  (Take time to view sheep, goats, and 

Option 1:  Reproduction Techniques, Demonstration  1:00
Dr. Stephan Wildeus, VSU

Option 2:  FAMACHA Workshop (There will be two identical sessions to 
accommodate a large number of participants) 1:00
Dr. James Miller, Louisiana State University

Guy Robson's Helpful Advice (Guy will answer questions and demonstrate 
techniques on sheep and goat management including tail docking, castration, 
fencing, etc.) 2:00

Joan M. Burke
Research Animal Scientist
6883 South State Highway 23
Booneville, AR  72927
Fax: 479-675-2940


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