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2005 CalWest Boer Connection Sale
Chris Schallberger

The Cal-West Boer Connection had their 3rd Annual Production Sale on September 17th, 2005 at the Sundance Ranch in Lodi, CA. Sundance Kids, Shadow Ridge Ranch and Wildflower Meat Goats offered 60 goats ranging from 5 mos to 4 years old, percentage does, fullblood does and bucks. The foundation of this sale is quality, while trying to produce some of the top genetics in California.
With over 100 people in attendance, the prices on these animals proved that quality does make a difference.


The top doe Lot #26, WFL Bright Star brought $2000 from Ron & Tina Marsh from Escalon. And the top selling buck was SRR1 W1 for $1500 from Bobby Bloyed/Robert Gonsalves of Selma, CA.


The volume buyer this year was Cliff & Marilyn Burke of Oakland, OR, who will be coming back next year to add a couple of goats to our sale.

Shadow Ridge Ranch, Richard Oliveira and Sue Erickson from Fresno, CA brought 21 head of fullblood does & bucks to the sale. Ken & Shirley Thompson of Wildflower Meat Goats brought a fullblood and purebred doe to the sale, and The Schallbergers of Sundance Kids offered 36 head of percentage, purebred, fullblood does and bucks in the sale. The average of the sale was $761.67 a head.

Thanks to our Auctioneer Ken Thompson of Snelling for his fabulous job once again in his auctioneering technique, Richard Oliveira for his outstanding job reading pedigrees, and our fun and energetic ringmen, Jeff Wagner and Jeff Graham and Pete Castaneda. We appreciate all of our kids helping out during the day, the Tokay Girls Basketball team, and a special thanks to Joe, Pete, Clarissa and Marilyn Castaneda, and Gary Valente for helping set up the goats in the sale ring. And backstage, Dave Miller, Joe & Marilyn Castaneda and The Goat Crew BBQ'ing!

A special thanks to all of those who attended our sale, and very special thanks to those who purchased animals at the sale. We stand behind our sale and our animals, if you have any questions, you know where to find us. or

For those of you who would like to be put on our mailing list for next years production sale, just email us. We are planning on having another production sale in September 06, with the possibility of a late winter/early spring sale as well.


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