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Breeder Profile publication date 11/23/2005

Dan Wohnoutka The 320 aces of grass and timber that is Tri-Quest Boer Goats is nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks at Humansville, Missouri. The setting is ideally suited to livestock and both cattle and goats are raised here. Both herds play an important role in this family farming operation where hay, small grains, feed supplements and software are all parts of the operation.

Paulette Wohnoutka

Dan and Paulette Wohnoutka have been raising goats at Tri-Quest longer than a lot of breeders have been alive. They began their goat careers 37 years ago starting a goat dairy operation in 1969 and adding a Boer herd in 1994. Tri-Quest has always done things in a big way... both in quality and in quantity. The commercial dairy herd, one of the largest in Missouri, was phased out in favor of a fullblood Boer herd which is, again, the largest in the state.

Paulette has proof that pasture animals can compete in the show circuit... CaKoo, Grand Champion Boer Doe "At 71/2 yrs of age Cakoo was taken from the pasture just five days before the show to be bathed and clipped. She was taken to a two-day ABGA sanctioned show where she promptly demonstrated just what Tri-Quest stock is made of... She was first in her class (her granddaughter took second) and went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe on day one and Grand Champion Senior Doe on day two.
Even though we haven't been following the trend with genetics etc, we have the goods to win. Lucas Burger told me, 'Get the picture in your head of what you want and don't look at anyone else. Breed toward *your* image'.
Stock purchased from Tri-Quest continues to do well in the show ring for our customers, too"

Tri-Quest was the first Missouri breeder to do Boer embryo transfer and has performed five ET programs, three in Missouri and two in Texas.

Nutrition is so critical to the success of goat herds that Tri-Quest now distributes a state-of-the-art supplement line and offers a feed ration service for those customers using their supplements.

Tri-Quest stock is shipped to customers all over the US and several animals have been exported. A structured pre-shipping program assures a stress free experience for both the buyer and the goat.

The objective of any business is to sell its product but, as Paulette says, "After the sale service and support are absolutely necessary in the goat business. Being available to answer the purchasers' questions helps assure happy customers and happy, healthy goats".

Also available from Tri-Quest are the PC and Mac versions of the Stockman Caprine Edition of Animal Record Keeping Systems.

As if there isn't enough to keep this couple busy Paulette passed both Level I and Level II of the ABGA judge training schools. She is an approved ennoblement inspector with the American Boer Goat Association and has been a judge for the OnLine Show since its inception in 2000. She was one of the charter volunteers for the Goatworld 911 list.

JAGG, Boer Buck
JAGG at 5 months old

Dan & Paulette extend a welcome to all visitors, "We enjoy talking 'goats' and visitors are always welcome with just a phone call to announce their intended arrival. Tri-Quest is a working farm so the best time to reach us to schedule a visit is any evening AFTER DARK".

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