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From the perspective of January 3rd, 2006

Is everyone as happy as I that the year 2005 is over?

THANK YOU to all who sent well-wishes. Your sentiments were and continue to be a major part of my recovery.

The OnLine Show
The 2005 OnLine Show set records of all kinds... Most entries, most first place winners, some of the best goats the judges and I have seen, and, unfortunately, longest delay in the shipping of awards. I apologize for that. The rosettes have arrived and will be shipped this week. The championship awards will be shipped as soon as they are received.

Article selection
Too many hours were spent in 2005 developing on-line tools. The focus for 2006 will be toward more relevant health and management articles with the usual mixture of editorial and humor pieces. Everyone is encouraged to submit articles for publication. Please use the "Feedback" button on the cover page.

Hurricanes and Fires
Our heart-felt best wishes go out to those who suffered losses in 2005. There is still great need for support, both financial and psychological. Please don't delay in providing it.

New contact information
The phone and FAX number has been changed to 817-451-6356. This phone will be on voice-mail between 5 PM and 8 AM and on weekends. The old number will be answered only for family calls.

Your web site can be the most productive advertising tool you own.

  • Include your web site address in all newspaper and magazine ads. Such ads are necessarily limited in the amount of information they can convey - your web site can be used to expand on the information in "paper" ads.
  • Scale and compress your photos and graphics for fast downloading. No one wants to wait for 30-90 seconds for a single photo to download from your web site - they'll just go on to another site.
  • Have your site listed on every possible "breeders list". Many are free. Use your favorite search service to find them.

    Here's wishing us all a happy and prosperous 2006 as we move this great meat goat industry forward.


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