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Cold Show In Lebanon
Robin Cotten

A report on the Tennessee Goat Producers Association (TGPA) hosting of the second "Herd Builder" consignment sale.

March can be a "lion" or a "lamb." On Saturday, March 25, 2006, March was definitely a lion at the TGPA sale in Lebanon, TN. The cold temperatures and blustery winds didn't seem to dampen the enthusiasm of buyers or sellers, though. The goats all kept warm eating hay as buyers moved in and out of the pens asking questions of the sellers.

A total of 124 goats were consigned by TGPA's breeders primarily from Tennessee, but also from Mississippi, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky. There were a few pre-sale withdrawals, but close to 100 goats went through the sale ring with most going to new owners. Approximately 120 bidders were registered, and they came from 10 different states, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Georgia and Virginia. As far as we are aware, there is no other organization anywhere that is doing what this association is doing to promote the "everyman's" goat, and to provide breeders with the opportunity to view and purchase healthy goats from this many individual breeders without doing a lot of traveling!

The high selling goat of the day, and the high selling doe, was a 2003 fullblood doe sired by JEL Lewis Mr. Brass, a son of Ryals Top Brass, and out of Lewis Kia. The doe was consigned by Lowell & Linda Walker of Little Mountain Farm in Winchester, TN. She sold with a buck kid at her side sired by RRD P660, a Remington son. This pair brought $1,400.00.

The high-selling buck was a yearling buck sired by MC Watt's Dancing Bear out of a "Rooster" doe, consigned by Paul & Kimberly Morgan, who brought many good Boers all the way from Charleston, IN. This buck brought $600.00

Since this was an "open" sale, many other breeds were represented as well, There were dairy and dairy-cross does, even some in milk, a few Kiko-cross does, several "just good goats" and quite a few Myotonics. From this miscellaneous group, the high-seller was a Myotonic doe with two month-old Myotonic kids at her side. This little family was consigned by Bill and Robin Cotton of Sawtree Ridge in Atoka, TN, and brought $600.00.

The least expensive group was an unregistered Pygmy doe with a very animated buck kid at her side. This pair was definitely the cutest of the sale (and the kid the most entertaining, as he performed amazing gymnastic feats to the delight of the bidders) that brought $75.00. The overall average sale price was $324.00.

Auctioneer Pit Kemmer kept everything moving, providing a very knowledgeable commentary about the goats being sold as he sought for just one more raise to the latest bid. Furney Register (Register's Distributing) was on site to offer goatie shopping for everyone present, and Mountain Vittles, Inc. offered goat barbecue sandwiches, drinks and chips and Horny Goat JerkyTM for the hungry. Thankfully, it was a bit warmer inside the sale building than out in the goat pens. Other vendors included: Abernathy's Catering and Concessions, Seabo Valley Woodworks, and Tennessee Goat and Supply.

The TGPA's president Dr. Maria Leite-Browning along with the board of directors would like to thank all consignors and buyers, and are already planning for a late summer Herd Builder sale, so keep watching on the TGPA web site for more information.


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