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Editorial by Keith Smith

Immigrants' rights advocates, hoping to take advantage of the
U.S. predilection toward political correctness, are planning another event.

It all started innocently enough... a few yuppies decided that everything had to be politically correct. Here are four examples.

>>Atlanta Braves baseball fans had to stop waving their foam rubber tomahawks because it supposedly made "Native Americans" feel that they were being mocked. I've yet to figure out why the Washington Redskins have been allowed to keep their name and logo.
>>Every U.S. citizen from the Asian continent got grouped together as "Asian Americans". This was well received in the Asian American community but don't you dare mistake a Korean for a Chinese... even though Korea and China were one country once.
>>U.S. citizens of negroid ancestry decided that they should be called "black" by everyone else even though the U.S. was supposed to be color-blind. "African American" made more sense and is now accepted.
>>And, now, political correctness is about to bite all U.S. citizens (black, white, yellow, red, whatever) in the butt... "Illegal Aliens" were renamed "Undocumented Workers" by the press. What's the major difference between this and the three previous examples of political correctness? The word "ILLEGAL" is missing from the above examples and the word "AMERICAN" is missing from this example.

Organizers are planning a May 1st "Great American Boycott"; urging illegal aliens to flex their economic muscle. Protesters are being urged to refrain from shopping and to stay away from public school.

They are here ILLEGALLY. They should not be attending public school anyway! Will they also stop using free (to them) U.S. public health facilities, free (to them) U.S. fire and police services and free (to them) U.S. streets and highways during the boycott?

The economy they swarmed to like locusts is now the focus of their boycott.

ILLEGAL aliens are protesting because the LEGAL rights of ILLEGAL aliens are limited.
My advice... Earn U.S. citizenship the legal way. Then, and only then, do you have the right to protest on U.S. soil.

What can the LEGAL residents of the U.S. do against such a hoard?

All you have to do is buy something on May 1st!

Make up for what the protesters will try to take away. It doesn't have to be a new car or house (unless you were already planning on getting one). Hold off grocery buying until May 1st. Take your spouse out to eat that night. Get the kids pizza, hamburgers, whatever! Make several trips to the convenience store. Buy your meals at work. Fill up your tank. Shop for clothes, furniture, outdoor equipment. If it needs to be bought, BUY IT MAY 1st!

Even if it's only a few dollars, this will help soften the blow that illegal aliens will try to inflict on OUR economy that day. It sounds trivial at first. But if we legal residents of the U.S. stand together the actions of these lawbreakers will have little or no effect.


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