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Mike & Lea Ann Robison

The good webmaster emailed us that it has been 5 years since our Breeder Profile has been updated. Time flies when you are having fun!

Cow Creek Farm has undergone some major and some minor changes since 2001. We have moved to "goat heaven", a new ranch with lots of woods and pastures. We have come to the conclusion that goats should be "Fit not Fat". Cow Creek Farm animals are bred to thrive on pasture with only enough grain supplementation to maintain optimum health.

Our herd has been condensed to 30 of the most beautiful, hardy, maternal breeding Does and one great Buck, Buzzard Bait. Buzz is the brother to the ABGA National Grand Champion Senior Buck and he is one Gorgeous Paint! Our operation is now concentrating on breeding the highest quality Percentage and Full Blood Boers for breeding stock and show stock. For the second year in a row, we have completely sold out of Show Wethers. We continue to sponsor one deserving FFA student each show season and have several 4-H and FFA leaders who bring their students here for their show goats.

Since the Colored Market has heated up, one area we are now concentrating on is breeding Colored Boers that are as structurally correct as the Traditional Boer. It was a long search to find just the right Buck to match with all of our big, beautiful does that carry the red gene. We think that in Buzzard Bait, we have found that magic match and cannot wait to see his first kids in just a few months.

Although Mike and I rarely show our goats (old age is setting in) you will see Cow Creek stock at many venues throughout the country. We now have sold goats from Alaska to Pennsylvania and all points in between. I love to browse through the show reports and find an animal name in the winnerís circle that begins with Cow Creek, our herd name.

Recently a customer, who is well known in the goat industry, was visiting our ranch. This person looked over our pen of young ladies who are awaiting for their first visit with Buzzard Bait this fall and said "That is one of the prettiest pens of young does that I have ever seen." We agree and think that Cow Creek Farm is heading in the right direction. Every day in the goat business is still a day we learn something new.

Striving to improve your stock can sometimes call for hard decisions. That favorite old nanny that produces mediocre kids, must go. Sometimes we shed a few tears when these tough decisions must be made, but the rewards are worth it when you look at your herd and think to yourself, "These goats are what I dreamed of owning 10 years ago" Please visit us on the web at and see some pictures of our herd.

Our philosophy of selling a Quality Goat for a Reasonable Price has served us well over the years. We have repeat customers who come to us each year for replacement does and bucks. We send each customer home with a good goat and material that Mike and I have written on Goat Health and Nutrition. We mentor our customers and have traveled miles and miles late at night just to deliver a stuck kid or help a sick goat. We believe that each newcomer that we help get started out right, will, in turn, improve the still quite young Boer Goat Industry.


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