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Goat Gossip by Fred Vandermartin
Goat Gossip 46
Whew! What a week!

Well, the Freestone County Fair is over. The goats have been shown, and then sold, and the dust has settled. I would like to thank show judges Burt Young and Dustin Warren for the fine and impartial (and sometimes Solomon-like public relations jobs they have to do when dealing with the Parents) choices they made. Superlative Superintendent Zack Newman said that most folks were pleased with the jobs that Mr. Burt and Mr. Dustin did with a few dissenters, but you canít please everyone. I didnít make the breeding goat show, due to employment obligations, but Gwen said that she was impressed with the fact that Burt was very helpful to the youngsters in explaining his decisions. At the market goat show Dustin explained right off the bat that the showers should not brace their goats like sheep and that they should relax and enjoy their efforts and stick to the showmanship basics when showing their animals. I found it refreshing that they judged goats as goats, not geeps.

I would like to thank Mr. Zack and his Assistant Russell Gilbreath and all of the great workers who put on such a fantastic show. So many times folks take their efforts for granted and only notice when things go wrong. Iím saying that when Zach and Russell are running the show, along with the great efforts of the other Fair Volunteers, this is the smoothest operation this side if the Trinity. To all of you naysayers out there I would like to add that if you donít like the way things are, then you should VOLUNTEER!

Congrats to all participants at the Fair. Not only did attendees see many fine livestock projects that were lovingly cared for by their showers, but I viewed many beautiful quilts, Photos, and other home economic projects presented by youngsters and oldsters. Thank you all for your courage and fortitude in working hard to present your projects. Itís something special when you present something created or grown with your own hands and put it out there in front of God and the World to be judged. Win or lose, just getting in the game takes a lot of moxie.

Hoorah, hooray, the Association presented our in-county goat jackpot to Ms. Carol Pingleton of Eagle Country 4-H. She presented a goat bred by Asst. Superintendent and fellow FCGBA member Russell Gilbreath. Heck, I think most of the higher placing goats in the shows were bred by Russell, or so it seemed. Someday Iíll take the time to get some of his magic pixie dust to sprinkle on my nannies to get the results that Russell has achieved for years.

On behalf of myself and my fellow alphabet goat club members I would like to say thank you to Ms. Carol and her fellow in-county goat showers Morgan Jackson, Lettie Jones, Logan Crocker, Victoria Suits, Travis Blackwell, Clara Simmons, Samantha Winkler, Rachel Tugwell, Jacob Chavers, Colleen Tugwell, Jacob McQueen, Ty McAdams, Dalton Dodge, Lori Massey, Brian McQueen, Mikaela Stamper, Tyler Brown, Joseph Ridge, and Holden McCord for purchasing your projects from breeders in Freestone Co. There were a lot of fine goats shown by these youngsters that placed well in their respective classes. There are many fine goat breeders in the county who have handsome stock and would like all of their fellow citizens to know that you all donít have to go all of the way to Ozona to buy your goats, there are a lot of fine bred goats here.

Bye, for now.


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