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Schools Back! Time for Future Farmers and 4-H

Did you hear the collective sigh? That was the sigh of many overwrought parents expressing a sigh of thanks that their youngsters are finally going back to school. The other half of the gigantical sigh was the youngsters showing relief that they are finally going back to school to renew and make new friendships, show off their new school clothes, and finally end the boredom (they’ll never admit it!) that has set in from sitting on their gluteus maximii and wasting way to much time in their lives playing vidiot games and watching the vidiot box (A.K.A. Television).

Did you youngsters and oldsters stock up well on your school supplies? Paper, pencils, backpack, school uniforms, 3 ring binders, and show wethers. What! What in the world is this natural fool talking about! Show wethers! “I can’t take no durned goat to school” says your young self!

It’s sad but true. Now is the time to start shopping for that grand champion show wether or breeding nanny (if your county has a breeding class) that you are hoping will add to your college fund when you make the sale. Don’t wait till the last minute to go shopping for your show goat or the supply will be picked through like the school supply aisle at Walmart on Sunday evening. I know that all you intelligent, knowledgeable, and non-vidiot influenced youngsters purchased your school stuff weeks ago and you progressive, forward thinking parents didn’t make your youngsters buy the ninja turtle binder that was sorrowfully neglected and left over at the bottom of the bin on Sunday night at 11:39 P.M.

Now is the time for formulating your plans to get started on the funding needed for College. Your youngsters should start to anticipate and participate in the various jackpot shows then plan on the county youth livestock shows. This is the time of the year for shopping for that wether that has the look that show judges are waiting to award fabulous prizes to.

Bye, for now.


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