Submitting A Breeder Profile
Folks are as curious about you and your goat operation as you are about theirs. Having a breeder profile published on is one of the easiest methods of getting the word out about you and your goats.

How about it? Are you up to a little free advertising? We'll include your e-mail and/or web site address in the published profile - folks can just click on your link to get in touch with you.

The "profile" doesn't need to be fancy or even gramatically correct - a few words about yourself, your agriculture experience, how you got into goats, your goals and expectations... two or three computer screens of words is all it takes to help people know you better. A photo or two or three of you, your goats, and your farm would make the "profile" even more interesting.
Write up your profile, then to send it to Be sure to attach any photos you want included with your write-up. You'll be in line to be a "Featured Breeder".
ps: We can scan photo prints & return them to you if you snail mail them with a stamped self-addressed envelope.