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Gathering Information - Finding Information
You've spent hours over the years scribbling on feed sacks, barn walls, and anything else that'd take a pencil or knife mark. You transferred that info to a sheet of paper, sometimes a printed form, and carried the paper to the house and stuck it in the herd folder. Now you're in possession of all the data you need to manage your herd.
But can you use it?
Say that you needed to know the average weaning weight of all kids from the 3 matings of BIG BUCK and NANCY over the last 5 seasons. Is your memory good enough to do that? If you use your written records can you be sure you found all the kids' slips of paper?

So, you think a computer program might be the answer?
It might be. There's one little fact that it's handy to know before you rush out and buy one... computer programs for herd management do not decrease your workload, they increase it. You have to transcribe all the info that you obtained in paragraph 1, above, to the

  program's data set. That can be a daunting proposition if you have more than one goat or have more than a few months of written records for that goat.

But, once you've typed the info into the program, you can find out all sorts of stuff with it.
* The best breeding matches for whatever your production goals are
* Which does (or bucks) are really worth keeping
* How was this year's production affected by that feed change you made last year
* Who bought what goat, when, and for how much
* What was your net income from each kid, and from each mating pair
* The description and successful/failed treatments for a mystery goat illness three years ago.
* And much, much more.
The list of information that computer programs can provide is almost endless. The trick is in choosing the right program for the job... helping you manage your herd.

Below is a list of prospective meat goat management software programs.
* Thinking about buying one? Hopefully you'll read the reviews before you plunk down that dinero.
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Note: Quotes below are from the vendors' documentation and are not statements(except where noted by "Ed. Note").

Goat Breeders Notebook $39 to $97 Free Demo Average of by 21 reviewers   "you'll have more time to concentrate on the tasks at hand knowing that all your herd management for pedigree record keeping of goats..."
Goat Tracker $35 to $75 Average of by 5 reviewers   "Ed. Note: Unable to capture description of the program - product description is in graphics instead of text; unable to cut-n-paste. Product..."
MDI Goat Management Software $249 to $299 Average of by 12 reviewers   "a sophisticated program and does what you need a Goat program to do, but is very easy to use...."
MyFarm Animal Management $65 Free Demo Average of by 6 reviewers   "Backup System, Contacts Database, Due Date Calculator, Animal History, Help System, Income Input, Label printing, Picture..."
Ovitec Studio Free demo Average of by 2 reviewers   "will make it possible for you to analyze your breeding herd performance in a totally new way...."
Ranch Manager $100 Free Demo Average of by 5 reviewers   "Detailed Animal Records, ID Tracking, multiple tags, Multiple Views of Herd, Pasture Management, Import pictures, unlimited......"
Stockman Caprine Edition $159 Free Demo Average of by 8 reviewers   "designed to accommodate all of the data tracking needs for the meat goat, dairy goats and fiber producing goat industries..."
W.O.R. Ranch Management Software $150 Free Demo Average of by 1 reviewer   "designed for the modern ranch. System Module include complete tracking for Cattle, Goats and Equine...."
Herd-Pro $495 to $995 Free Demo Average of by 2 reviewers   "tailored to fit the needs of today's dairy and livestock industry through the input of hundreds of farmers, veterinarians and consultants just..."
Farm Stock $225 Average of by 1 reviewer   "From the handy calendar with automatic event scheduling to the hassle-free blood line area; from the extensive yet flexible..."
FlockFiler $50 - $300 Free Demo Average of by 1 reviewer   "FlockFiler Lite puts your information at your fingertips. Easily browse, enter, and search for your information all from the same screen...."
ZooEasy $90 - $103 Free Demo Average of by 9 reviewers   "ZooEasy Goat Breeding Software enables you to easily maintain a professional digital administration, guaranteeing success. This breeding program..."
HerdLogic $279 Average of by 1 reviewer   "HerdLogic™ is the new release, and major upgrade of LamaLogic™. The name change reflect new and enhanced capabilities for other species in..."