Chris Schallberger www.sdksundancekids.com
Youth Director, International Boer Goat Association, Inc.

Last year I recall writing, that if you have never been to a National Show, you are really missing something! This year proved that many didn't want to miss the opportunity to attend the 2003 Nationals this year! And for the Youth this was a prime year! The participation in all of the activities was at an all time high and the Jr. Show brought in 147 entries, which was well over the 50 that were anticipated! This is proof that the International Boer Goat Associations Jr. Membership is not only strong, but very active.

The activities began after the National Anthem by Ashleigh Fleener that alone started the day on a beautiful note. The Jr. Show judged by Don Smith ran very smoothly. The overall Grand Champions received a Hanging Tack box, and the Reserve Grand Champions received a Director's Chair. The Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe was BV Sexy Sadie by Loren Armour and Overall Reserve went to ORF Lilly N700 by Nathan Duncan. The Overall Grand Champion FB Doe went to MC R867 by Josh Kemmer, and the Overall Reserve to FSE #0246 Fancy by Tiffany Cox, The Overall Grand Champion FB Buck went to TX02 M781 Bodie by Tiffany Cox, and Reserve was awarded to 4Kids Buttmaster by Guy Kiehl.
Complete Junior Show results are further down this page.

The Jr. Show was followed by Showmanship. With 69 Jr. Members vying for the 1st Place Belt Buckle, in each class. A special thank you to the following ranches that made the belt buckles possible - CBA Ranch, Carlos, And Bob and Alma Staples from Angleton, Texas, JAVA Farms, Frank & Mary Ellen Durjava, Livingston, CA. Twin Star Boer Goats, Dave & Toni Giardina, Mountain Grove, MO, Guiterrez Ranch, Joe & Terri Guitierrez, Elverta, CA, and White Rail Ranch, Chuck & Judy Kaye, Porterville, CA. Second place received Blankets donated by Sundance Kids, The Schallbergers, Stockton/Lodi, CA, 3rd place received Tack Racks donated by ROK Ranch, Richard & Kris Oliveira, Fresno, CA and 4th place received Rope Halters donated by Mid-States Livestock Supply. What was amazing to me was that some of the Jr. Members upon looking at the awards prior to showmanship, decided that even taking 2nd place and winning the blanket would be just fine!

The winners in those classes were:
    2 - 5 years old
1.	Colton Kiehl
2.	Shelby Robinson
3.	Jessica Rae Brewer
4.	Will Collett
5.	Will Cornelius
6.	Gavynn Norris
7.	Isaac Ridings

    6 - 8 years old
1.	Hope Ryals
2.	Alex Eubanks
3.	Noah Ridings
4.	Nicholas Webb
5.	Nathan Dickerson
6.	Addie Davis
7.	Jesse Cash
8.	Rebecca Hardemann
9.	Barrett Norris
    9 - 11 years old
1.	Ross Jackson
2.	Jessica Ryals
3.	Kristen Kiehl
4.	Guy Kiehl
5.	Matthew Womack

    12 - 14 years old
1.	Blaine Walker
2.	Drew Jackson
3.	Josh Kemmer
4.	Aaron Varnardo
5.	Baily Gann 
    15-19 years old
1.	Michael Watts
2.	Tray Anderson
3.	Samantha Horn
4.	Tiffany Cox
5.	David Carwell

And the race was on! These young Jr. Members did a great job decorating their stick goats once again. The creativity is endless, as we had all types of Fullblood Does and Bucks, a Fancy Goat, a Barbie Goat, a Hulk Goat, a cool goat with all four legs, and a set of Wooden Goat Triplets! These kids proved to steal the show with their goats, and they sure knew how to race them! The winners in the stick goat race were: 2 -5 years - 1st place - Shelby Robinson, 2nd place Jessica Brewer, 3rd place - Ethan Godsey with Elizabeth Godsey almost tied in to win. In the 6 - 10 year olds - 1st place went to Alex Motes, 2nd to Lauren Kent and 3rd to Samantha Stanek.

We had audience participation in the judging of these stick goats, which proved to be very hard in deciding! The only overwhelming applause sure to determine the MOST PATRIOTIC was for Jessie Rae Brewer's - Red, White & Blue Stick Goat! The winners of the Most Original in the 2 -5 group was Will Collett with the only stick goat with legs! and the 6 - 10 group was Noah Ridings shining wooden horse stick goat. The Most Creative was Elizabeth Godsey's Barbie Goat in the 2-5 group and Nicholas Webb with his Multi-colored goat "Rainbow" in the 6-10 group.

This concluded our activities for the day on Friday, with much anticipation for the Goat Scramble to be held on Saturday.

The Goat Scramble for the 2 - 5 year olds and the 6 - 8 year olds was entertaining and very enjoyable! I made sure that all of the kids knew exactly what they were supposed to do. Jessie Rae Brewer was sure she knew what to do. "You grab a green thing off the back of them, run around the cone and back here." Easy enough. I double checked to be sure everyone one knew what to do, of course they did!! I guess the only thing we forgot to mention was that they only needed to grab "ONE" green pom-pom off of "ONE" goat, as Jessie Brewer should of gotten and award for the MOST POM-POM's! I think she was the first one to grab a Pom-Pom off and was heading to the finish line. We told her no you have to go around the cone... well she decided that we must have meant grab another one, because she just kept after those goats and grabbing as many as she could get! The winners in the 2- 5 were Will Cornelius, Will Collett, and Colton Kiehl, and the 6 -7 were Rebecca Hardeman, and Barrett Norris.

When it came for the 8-10 year olds, the competition got tough, and good thing we had some mighty tough Kiko Goats that they were chasing and haltering, and trying at any cost to get them around the cones and into the pen. The winners in the scramble were Kari Buntin, Guy Kiehl, Logan Hudson. And for the 11-14 age group, Jacob Ingle, Quentin Givens and Ross Jackson, Blaine Walker, Shiloh Peterson and Aaron Varnardo, Drew Jackson. The Senior group was a little kinder and gentler and with great skill and handling, and with the goat between her legs Riley Roebuck won 1st place. Tray Anderson and Amy Wright while being one of the last ones to find her rope ended up getting her goat, haltering it and getting around the cones and into the pen 3rd! What a feat and accomplishment!

Another suggestion was brought up for the goat scramble next year that we feel will be safer for the goats, and still very challenging for the kids! For the older kids 8 on up, we will have a bells scattered around the ring and the Jr. Members will run and grab a bell, the bell will have a number on it and will correspond to a number a goat. They will have to match up the goat and the number and "loosely" tie the bell around the goats neck to win. I sincerely want to thank the gentleman (whose name escapes me) for suggesting this as it will offer a greater challenge to the kids!

A special thanks to those who donated goats for the Goat Scramble: Blue Gainey Ranch - Joetta Boyd (3), Battle Creek Boers Redgie & Suzi Pillans, Watts Farms - Bobby Watts and Michelle McAfee, Goat Rancher /Egypt Creek Ranch - Terry Hankins, Sawtree Ridge Boers - Robbin Cotton (2), DNS Ranch - Debbie & Steve Riley, Little Creek Ranch (4) - Wynema & Steve Adams, Kingdom Acres Boer Goats - Linda & Charles Merrell, Clear Creek Farms - Ken & Pat Motes, and Sundance Kids - The Schallbergers (3), Clear Creek Farms - Ken & Pat Motes.

Off to the Banquet, and the awards for the Jr. Herdsman winners. This year we had 27 Jr. Herdsman Award winners. They were: Jennifer Angel - Taylorsville, CA, Amanda Pike - Beeville, TX, Danielle Ashby - Huntsville, AR, Mary August Pike - Beeville, TX, Ashley Armour, Robert Pike, Beeville, TX, Loren Armour, Lauren Ragsdale - Muskogee, OK, Chad Bell - Marion KY, Seth O'Dell Ragsdale - Muskogee, OK - Kari Buntin - Marion, KY, -Drew Sallee, Hemet, CA, Kayla Buntin - Marion, KY, Skylor Sallee - Hemet, CA, David Carwell - Cherry Valley, AR, Alina Smalec, Rangely, CO, Rebecca Craven - Asheboro, NC, Laremy Stilley - Independence, LA, Roan Clement, Roxton, TX - Aaron Varnado - Independence, LA, Alex Eubanks, Silverstreet, SC, Blaine Walker - Oktaha, OK, Quentin Givins - Franklinton, LA, Vernon B. Washington II - Lindale, TX, Kendra Kallenberger - Haskell, OK, Matthew Womack - Deatsville, AL, Alex Loftis, Grahm, TX Todd Womack Deatsville, AL. The Boer Breeder will feature a few of these Jr. Members each month, so please watch for them.

A special recognition goes out to Ashley and Lauren Armour of Georgia who continued with the Jr. Herdsman hours for two years in a row earning them scholarship money! These girls did a fantastic job in reporting their time, and dedication to the Jr. Herdsman Program. Next time you see them, be sure to tell them how proud you are of them too! Way to go Ashley & Lauren! Congratulations.

The banquet also always brings in the support of the Stick Goat Auction. This is something that Announcer, Entertainer Auctioneer Extradinare Ken Thompson looks most forward to than anyone can imagine! He led us off with his Auctioneer Song, and then dove right in auctioning off of the absolutely beautiful Stain Glass Boer Goat piece donated by Black Swan of Texas. The item brought $700.00 from James Ragland, of Hodgenville, Kentucky. Next up was Alex Eubanks, Ethan Godsey, Elizabeth Godsey, Isaac Ridings, Noah Ridings, Samuel Ridings, Will Collett, Rebecca Hardeman, Lauren Kent, Niki Dickerson, Nathan Dickerson, Samanta Stanek and Jessie Brewer's stick goats! Of course the "Most Patriotic" goat by Jessie Brewer brought in a whopping $550.00 from the proud Stick Goat Owner, James Ragland. These kids auctioning off these goats with the proceeds going to the Youth fund are really amazing! But let's not forget those who were so gracious to purchase them, Shirley Thompson, Don Smith, Chris Godsey, Frank Durjava, Bill Hobby, Chris Schallberger, The "TEXAS CONTINGENT", CL and Patty Gage, Terry Hankins, ROK Ranch, James Kyle, Steve Adams and the always gracious and giving James Ragland. A very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and from the Jr. Members! The stick goats raised a total of $3,400.00.

The Silent Auction for the Jr. Program was very well received and raised a total of $2,753.00. We want to thank Billy Goat Gruff and Northeast Gate Co. for their very generous donation to our youth program, in donating the Working Chutes! They were awesome pieces of equipment and thank you to Charles Doone and Chris Godsey who are the lucky owners of the Equipment, and with those two pieces alone raised $1,500.00.
Thank you to all of those who donated to our Silent Auction, Billy Goat Gruff (Working Chute),Cornerstone AG Products, Country Threads & Design, Darrnel Enterprizes, Deer Creek Boers, Ganus Fabrication, Goat Rancher Magazine, Godsey Farms, Hoegger Supply Co., Kennedy Precision Embroidery, Liz Varnado, Lometa Commission Co., Inc., Northeast Gate Co (Working Chute) , Outback Supply, Pat Motes, Phoenix Farms, Ranch & Rural Living, Ray & Linda Shipley, Rustic Elegance, Sam's Vending - Sam & Barrie Hale, Sandi & Chad Bell, Steven Culp, Sundance Kids, Sweetlix, Sydell, Wade & Suzi Buntin, www.goatssupply.com,
Thanks to all those who participated in bidding and purchasing all of the items. It is your support that will help in striving to keep the youth active in the International Boer Goat Association. A special thanks to Suzi and Wade Buntin for working so diligently getting all of the items and taking care of the silent auction.

Another early morning caught us getting ready for the Judging Contest. We had goats in three classes. Jr. Fullblood does, Yearling Fullblood Does and Senior % Does. We had a number of Jr. Members participate and our winner in the 15-19 age group was Tiffany Cox, and in the 11-14 age group was Aaron Varnardo. Again a special thanks to Don Smith for his time in helping with the Judging Contest, and thank you to those who let us borrow their animals for the contest as well. And if you remember your placings they were: Yearlings 1, 4, 2, 3 Jr. Does 2, 1, 3, 4 and Percentage Does 2, 1, 3, 4. Congratulations Tiffany & Aaron and to all of the others who participated, we will do this again next year! Of course, we will have a complete different set of animals!

Can you say Scavenger Hunt? Or what about singing "Old Mac Donald Had A Farm"! You know all of you adults out there... .that was so good, we will have to think of something even better next year!!! The Scavenger Hunt turned out not only to be great for the kids but for the adults as well. Out of the 63 items - the Hope & Jessica Ryals and Devin Latham team were the overall winners with 53 items! WOW! And for all of the Jr. Members out there who COULDN'T get all of the names of the Youth Committee... .you better watch yourselves, because we all put a lot of hard work into that show!!! I am sure that Quentin, will remember all of the names next year, as he could have won it in the tie breaker if only he would have known "Heather's" name! So let me refresh everyone the Youth Committee members that made the Youth program possible: Wynema Adams, Joetta Boyd, Wade Buntin, Heather Butler, Pat Motes & Rebecca Norris.

Thanks to all of the show helpers, Brittany Norris, Amber Sockwell, Samantha Horn, Jessica Ingle, Chad Bell, Shelby Robinson, Jessie Brewer, Danielle Ashby, Jacob Ingle, Alex Eubanks, Todd Womack, Emily Walker, Alexandria Motes, Matthew Womack, Aaron Varnardo, Chris Shaffett, Tyler Merrell, Victoria & Lexi Roberts, Kari Buntin, Kayla Buntin, Devin Latham, Drew & Ross Jackson and Jennifer Williams for all of your help around the ring! And to Tiffany Cox who helped with the goat scramble, stick goats, and Scavenger Hunt, and was always there when I needed her, thank you Tiffany! (And for anyone else that I left off, I am sorry..let me know and I will mention your name next time!!)

A special thanks to the "California Connection" - Mary Lou Haslemann (mom), Kris Oliviera, Shirley Thompson, Amy Wright and Nicole Schallberger, and Ashleigh Fleener for all of their constant help!

It was a great Jr. & National Show... and believe it or not, but we are making plans for next year already, what about a dance one night (of course... just for the Jr. Members!!) we could even incorporate a Quiz Bowl into it and some other cool games! Let me know your thoughts and ideas! If you have any questions during the year, feel free to email me at boeryouth@aol.com

Remember to keep reporting your Jr. Herdsman Hours... and with detail and get them in for the 3rd Quarter by November 10th. Keep reading the Jr. Section for more exciting events to take place! We will see you all back at the National's next year... where ever it is!

Chris Schallberger
Youth Director

Class 1.1  0 to under 3 months  7 in class
1. RBWR Twinkie - Blaine Walker
2. Caseys Strawberry Swirl - Rebecca Hardeman
3. RBWR Red Fusion - Blaine Walker
4. RBWR Scarlett Red - Blaine Walker
5. RBWR Ho Ho - Blaine Walker
6. LCR Spot - Raymond Stanek

Class 1.2 3 to under 6 months 16 in class
1. Raff R901 - Baily Gann
2. RCBG Brooklyn - Tiffany Cox
3. RRD R777 - Hope Ryals
4. Trir Treasure - Gavynn Norris
5. Big Hickory Tumbleweed - Ashley Armour
6. Big Hickory Sagebrush - Loren Armour

Class 1.3 6 to under 9 months 7 In Class
1. Tangle Tree Mini - Christopher Childress
2. PR Dot - Pate Robinson
3. Black Ankle Extreme Tipp - Tray Anderson
4. EGW Wildwings Blondie - Mathew Womack
5. Chrissy's Precious - Sara Walker
6. Chrissy's Baby - Sara Walker

Class 1.4  9 to under 12 months 2 in Class
1. Sr. Zoe - Shelby Robinson
2. DCB Kayla's Abby - Kayla Buntin

Champion Jr % Doe - RAFF R901 - Bailey Gann
Reserve Jr. % Doe - Tangle Tree Mini - Christopher Childress

Class 2.1  12 to under 16 mos  11 in Class
1. TRIR Joy - Barrett Norris
2. WF Lana - Michael Watts
3. MHB Roxanne - Miranda Holaday
4. KALR Space Out - Tiffany Cox
5. Black Ankle Bunny - Tray Anderson
6. Kingdom Acres Diana - Tyler Merrell

Champion Yearling % Doe
TRIR Joy - Barrett Norris
Reserve Champion Yearling % Doe 
WF Lana - Michael Watts

Class 3.1 24 to under 36 months 6 in Class
1. ORF Lilly N700 - Nathan Duncan
2. GLA Rodio Lil - Tiffany Cox
3. TRIR Delight - Shannon Mason
4. Black Ankle Punkin - Tray Anderson
5. Lincoln Ridge Chrissy - Sara Walker
6. NGGC Rudbeckia - Isaac Ridings

Class 3.2 36 to under 48 months 3 in Class
1. S2 Holly - Christopher Childress 
2. TLK Zoe - Amber Sockwell
3. Rocking A's Princess - Aaron Varnardo

Class 3.3 48 months and over 4 in class
1. BV Sexie Sadie - Loren Armour
2. XS Dixie - Tiffany Cox
3. NGGC Silver Belle - Noah Ridings
4. Tatonka's Jaicee -  Ashley Armour

Champion Senior % Doe 
BV Sexy Sadie - Loren Armour
ORF Lilly N700 - Nathan Duncan

Overall % Doe - 
Champion BV Sexy Sadie - Loren Armour
Reserve Champion  ORF Lilly N700 - Nathan Duncan

Junior Fullblood Does
Class 4.1  0 to under 3 mos 13 in Class
1. SEE 3B330 Jewel - Ross Jackson
2. SEE 3B331 Ruby - Drew Jackson
3. 4Kids Miss Behaven - Guy Kiehl
4. 4Kids Miss Bootay - Guy Kiehl
5. 4Kids Nurse Good Body - Kristen Kiehl
6. Phoenix Tinas Revenge - Lauren Maddox
Class 4.2 3 to under 6 mos 11 in class
1. Show Me Boers Curly Sue - Elizabeth Peterson
2. Tangle Tree Annie - Christopher Childress
3. TRIR Flirt - Shannon Mason
4. SN1 White Diamond - Kendra Kallenberger
5. BPH Rose - Megan Sporleder
6. SLF's Madame Butterfly - Will Collett
Class 4.3 6 to under 9 mos - 11 in class
1. RRD P674 - Jessica Ryals
2. FSE 2265 Sueann - Nathan Duncan
3. Show Me Boers Swirl - Shiloh Peterson
4. CBGR Isabella - David Carwell
5. D & D Danielle - Brittany Norris
6. JMG Fluffy - Lauren Kent 
Class 4.4 9 to under 12 mos
1. HBG Elizabeth - Samanta Horn
2. RCB6 Fancy's Dream - Tiffany Cox
3. DBB Lori - Chad Bell
4. MBS Sidney - Nathan Dickerson
5. NBS Laurel - Niki Dickerson

Champion Jr FB Doe 
HBG Elizabeth - Samantha Horn
Reserve Jr FB Doe 
SEE 3B330 Jewel - Ross Jackson

Class 5.1  12 to under 16 mos 12 in class 
1. MC 2R867 Josh Kemmer
2. MC 2R830 Josh Kemmer
3. TX02 P2295 Bailey Gann
4. TX02 P2443 Bailey Gann
5. Peaches & Cream - Lauren Armour
6. TRI R Hope - Barrett Norris
Class 5.2 16 to under 20 mos  1 in Class
LGFI Suzie - Brittany Norris

Champion Yearling Doe
MC R867 Josh Kemmer
Reserve Yearling Doe
MC2R830 Josh Kemmer

Class 6.1  24 to under 36  2 in class
1. FSE 0246 Fancy - Tiffany Cox
2. Downen N179 Kristen Kiehl
3. Gatwood Farms Sunshines - Aaron Varnardo
4. MHB Morgan - Miranda Holaday
5. TRIRS MK Safara Bakshishi - Shannon Mason
6. Lazy L Sunday - Becky Williams
Class 6.2  36 to under 48 months 2 in class
1. Veals Bessie - Jennifer Williams
2. SB Minnie Pearl - Amy Dickerson

Champion Senior FB Doe
FSE 0246 Fancy - Tiffany Cox
Reserve Senior % Doe
Downen N179 - Kristen Kiehl

Grand - MC R867 Josh Kemmer
Reserve - FSE #0246 Fancy - Tiffany Cox

Class 7.1 0 to under 3 mos  5 in Class
1. 4Kids Buttmaster - Guy Kiehl
2. 4Kids DVD - Guy Kiehl
3. BRH Ultimate Force - Megan Sporleder
4. 3G Critter Creek War Paint - Quentin Givens
5. TRIR Jake's the Man - Shannon Mason
Class 7.2  3 to under 6 mos  5 in class
1. RCBG Yakimared Rocke - Tiffany Cox
2. RBWR Renegade -Blaine Walker
3. Black Ankle Eggstreme Col - Tray Anderson
4. Phoenix Kibwana - Lauren Maddox 
5. MHB Winchester - Miranda Holaday
Class 7.3  6 to under 9 mos - 4 in Class
1. CBGR Crawdad - David Carwell
2. HC Eggsalted Wind Dancer - Shannon Mason
3. Kingdom Acres Thunder - Jennifer Williams
4. SR'S Tomahawk - Shelby Robinson

Champion Jr. FB Buck 
4Kids Buttmaster - Guy Kiehl
Reserve Jr. FB Buck
4Kids DVD - Guy Kiehl

Class 8.1 12 to under 16 mos 1 in Class
Black Ankle Bodacious Mickey - Tray Anderson
Class 8.2  16 to under 20 mos  3 in class
1. WWF Dash for Cash - David Carwell
2. Land Bucky - Amber Sockwell
3. DBB Donnie - Kari Buntin

Champion Yearling FB Buck
WWF Dash for Cash - David Carwell
Reserve Champion Yearling FB Buck
Land Bucky - Amber Sockwell

Class 9.2 36 to 48 mos  2 in class
1. TX 02M781 Bodie - Tiffany Cox
2. DSM Hoppin - Ashley Armour

Champion Sr FB Buck - TX 02 M781 Bodie -Tiffany Cox
Reserve Sr FB Buck - DSM Hoppin - Ashley Armour

TX 02M781 Bodie - Tiffany Cox
4Kids Buttmaster - Guy Kiehl