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Your goat sales opportunities will benefit from THE BEST web site design, hosting, maintenance, and promotion package in the business.
  • DISCOUNTED listing in the Breeders' Directory.
  • FREE listing on the "New/Updated..." list on the cover page of each time your pages are updated.
  • FREE Domain Name Registration
  • INCLUDED Web Site Maintenance
  • FREE Search Engine Optimization
  • FREE Search Engine Submission
  • FREE Contact / Mail Forms
  • FREE Graphic Design (image cropping, editing, and optimization)
  • ABSOLUTELY NO "pop-up" or banner ads on your site. web design services are provided by Gregory Motes of CCFdesign. Gregory provides a quality, professional product that you'll be proud of. He will work with you to develop a visitor-friendly attractive web site that reflects your interests and preferences and presents a consistent theme to your visitors. does not subscribe to "banner-exchange" or other non-goat-related advertising. We do not clutter up your page with "get a low-rate Visa" or "send flowers to mamma" spot ads.
Your page is YOUR page.

Search ranking is one of the most important measures of a site's effectiveness. and CCFdesign have the most effective key word lists available for Boer and meat goats. The page lay-out is optimized for search engine indexing.

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