...May Safely Graze
a book review
by Keith Smith

Protecting Livestock Against Predators, the subtitle of the new book ...MAY SAFELY GRAZE written by Canadian sheep producer Eugene L. Fytche, is not designed to be a definitive work but, rather, an overview of livestock protection and containment.

Although Mr. Fytche himself terms the book an "overview" the material presented between it's soft-bound covers contains, along with it's reference section, most of what producers will need to identify and manage predator challenges to their herds.

Sections on identifying the problem, assessing the predator risk, preventative measures, mobile protectors (guard animals), and external protection (hunting and baiting) will assist the reader to determine the appropriate livestock protection measures for his or her unique situation.

This book is highly recommended. It definitely has a place on the KLS Boer Goats library shelf.

Mr. Fytche has written an article for covering some of the topics addressed in the book. Select this link to read the article.

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