It's Retirement Time, Folks!

The domain name®, 44 additional livestock related domain names, and the Registered trademark are for sale with a requested closing date on or near January 1st, 2012.

If your web site meets or exceeds these hit counts then you shouldn't bother to read any further. But... If you think that this traffic volume just might increase your bottom line then you probably should make an offer.

The domains in this portfolio are rich in search-engine-friendly terms. The active domains have experienced very good traffic. consistently appears as the first link when searching Google® for common Boer and meat goat terms.

Great for institutions The registry that owns and utilizes these names will undoubtedly attract more members and serve existing members more effectively.

Individual or groups of breeders controlling these domains can almost be guaranteed that their goats for sale will be exposed to the largest number of interested buyers.

For a webmaster (or someone who can hire one) that wishes to continue in somewhat it's current form and/or purpose I will include the active sites as they are now, my premium registration account at ENOM, my UNIX re-seller account with Internet Resources, my accounts receivable and my client list. Your webmaster must be proficient in PHP version 4.7 and javascript.
For buyers in this group... I have an all cash single payment "reserve" price and will close the sale whenever that amount is paid. The purchaser can take over immediately - not waiting for the first of the year.
A buyer in this category would need to act soon to retain the hosting and design clients that I service. Because the sale may be to someone not interested in retaining those clients I am currently recommending that hosting clients and those who depend on me to update their pages find a new webmaster as soon as possible.

For the general public the selling price is for the domain registrations and the trademark only. No web pages or code are included. For buyers in this group... I'll take the best all-cash single payment offer in US dollars submitted by Noon, November 30, 2011.

The domain alone generated over $65,000 in 2010 and I do nothing to promote the site. With even minimal promotion the domains should be able to generate far more than that.

This isn't an auction !
 Make An Offer or Ask Questions  

Iím not accepting any more ad reservations.

This isn't like many of the so-called "dispersal" sales... When I retire I'll stay retired!

Keith Smith

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(the domain only)
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11 Million in 11 months!

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