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Heartland Showcase Sale - The
Heartland Boer Extravaganza Annual Fall

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Less than 90 days old
Firecracker Sale
Mid-american Spectacular Futurity Sale
Living The Dream Sale
The Cowboy Classic 2020 Summer Sale

Catalogs in process
09/05/2020 [Email]
Color Connection Labor Day Sale
09/05/2020 [Email]
Shaffer And Friedns Sale
09/19/2020 [Email]
The Splash Of Color Sale
09/19/2020 [Email]
Savanna Spectacular 2020
09/26/2020 [Email]
Goats Galore Sale
09/26/2020 [Email]
Autumn Classic Sale
10/03/2020 [Email]
2020 Born To Perform Goat
10/04/2020 [Email]
4s Goat Expo
9/19/2020 [Email]
Pride Of Mn Sale

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