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15th Annual Boers by Hobby Celebration Sale

10 AM PDT Saturday, July 8, 2017
Pre-viewing Friday, July 7 after 2 pm & Sat. July 8 after 8 am

Auctioneer Mr. Pit Kemmer, Crossville, TN
Modesto Junior College ACE Pavlion
Brink Ave. x Shoemake (See Construction Note Below)
Modesto, CA

Sue 209-402-9068 • Bill's Phone: 209-404-9067 • Christie's Phone: 209-404-5320 • Rebecca 209-404-2602

NEW photos of several of the BIGGS Boer Goats are now featured!
Thank you for your interest in our special anniversary sale!

Remember, hauling IS available along major interstates the week following the sale! $150 per animal (more for mature bucks). Be sure to inquire ~ Bill 209-404-6067. There will be 3 trailers heading east after the sale and one to southeastern Oregon, so rest assured that we want your animals to get to their new home as safely and quickly as possible.

Exciting News! ALL bucks have been either DNA tested OR DNA has been submitted!! Yes, we want to take that extra step for you to have that already processed! We promote the registration of offspring. Here's one step to make it easier for you.

NOTICE!!! Construction is blocking the usual route to the MJC ACE Pavilion!! Take the Briggsmoore/Carpenter Exit off of Hwy 99, take COLLEGIATE LANE to stop sign. Turn left on BRINK. SHOEMAKE is the first left, and then turn left onto the gravel road to pass the Beef unit, cross the canal and follow the signs back to the ACE Pavilion. We will try to get additional signs due to the construction. Thanks so much!





Consignor BBH
Boers by Hobby
Bill & Sue Hobby & Christie, Rebecca & Nicole
7620 E. Grayson Rd.
Hughson, CA 95326
Bill: 209-404-9067
Consignor LAMONI
Maurice & Kim Erwin
10163 East State Hwy O
Davis City, IA 50065
Consignor BIGGS
Biggs Boers
Ed & Sherri Biggs
22145 North Malin Rd.
Malin, OR 97632
Consignor JOHNS
CMT Boer Goats
Morgan Johns
257 W. Greenway Ave.
Turlock, CA 95380
Consignor BEACH
Beach Boer Goats
Jacob Beach
24200 Azevedo Rd.
Neman, CA 95360
Consignor ROCKEN 3E
Rocken 3E Boer Goats
Stacey & Jan Eberhar
2898 Woodbine Way
Roswell, NM 88203