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Boers by Hobby Sweet 16 Boer Goat Sale

10:00 am (Pacific Daylight Time) Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Pre-viewing 2 pm Friday, June 29

Auctioneer Mr. Pit Kemmer
Modesto Jr. College ACE Pavilion
2201 Blue Gum Avenue
Modesto, CA
Welcome to the Boers by Hobby Sweet 16 Sale Catalog!
Sue 209-402-9068 • Bill's Phone: 209-404-9067 • Christie's Phone: 209-404-5320 • Rebecca 209-404-2602

Remember, hauling IS available along major interstates the week following the sale! $175 per animal; $150 per animal if you buy 2 or more. ($175 for mature bucks.) Be sure to inquire ~ Bill 209-404-9067. There will be multiple trailers heading east after the sale and one to Oregon/Washington, so rest assured that we want your animals to get to their new home as safely and quickly as possible.

Exciting News! ALL bucks have been either DNA tested OR hair for DNA can be submitted!! Yes, we want to take that extra step for you to have that already processed! We promote the registration of offspring. Here's one step to make it easier for you.

Please see for more information and terms of sale.





Consignor HOBBY
Boers by Hobby
Bill, Sue, Christie, Rebecca, & Nicole Hobby
7620 E. Grayson Rd
Hughson, CA 95326
Sue 209-402-9068 Bill: 209-404-9067
Consignor BIGGS
Biggs Boers
Ed & Sherri Biggs
22145 N. Malin Rd.
Malin, OR 97632
Consignor JOHNS
CMT Boer Goats
Morgan Johns
257 Greenway Ave.
Turlock, CA 95380

Consignor BORGES
Borges Boer Goats
Michelle Borges
7587 Patterson Road
Oakdale, CA
(209) 840-3053

Consignor BURKE
Painted Rose Ranch
Ruth Burke
P.o. Box 232
Farmington, California

Consignor ELBO
E & L Boers
Ernest & Leta Morgan
4825 Mesa Drive
Oakdale, CA 95361