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Living The Dream Boer Goat Sale

1:00 Saturday, August 8th, 2020
Pre-viewing Friday, August 7th 2020

Auctioneer Randy Boon
Hamilton Commission Company
American Legion Memorial Hwy.
Hamilton , TX
Living The Dream, It's Meant To Be
Don Smith had a dream. He shared his dream and passion of a better boer goat with many people.And because of his dream, we have come to know and love many people that share the dream.
We invite you to join us at the first annual Living The Dream Sale and live the dream with us.





Consignor ZMLN
Zane & Lora Malone
684 Ethel Beard Rd
Blountville, TN

Consignor WRCK
K- Bar Ranch
Walter & Ruby Kemp
851 Cr 410
Talpa, Texas

Consignor K&D
K&D Boer Goats
Kirk & Darlene Perry
3951 Hwy 2561
Hamilton, Texas/76531

Consignor GRG2
Greg Or Reta Garrett
2925 Randolph Road
Edmonton, KY 42129