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Chris Schallberger
Stockton, CA, USA

San Joaquin Fairgrounds Goat Symposium
Chris Schallberger

On November 3rd, 2001 at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds a Goat Symposium was held with an outstanding turnout of more than 275 enthusiastic adults, leaders and youth.

This symposium was directed at providing the youth with the opportunity for hands-on experience. So many times the seminars given are all lecture, and many of the youth, and adults as well, lose interest after sitting all day. This event was designed so that the interest would be peaked and that valuable knowledge will more easily absorbed.

The day started with introductions and then a keynote speech delivered by Dr. Wes Patton, PhD, Chico State on the "Ethics of Livestock". This is very important in all livestock industries and we want everyone to understand its relevance.

David Ewey, D.V.M., MPVM - USDA APHIS then gave a power point presentation on Bio-Security and the preventing the spread of contagious disease.

Everyone then broke out into color-coded groups and all headed to the barns.

There were four groups - Basic Care, Market Goat Showmanship and Selection, Fitting/Grooming, and Dairy Goats - Breeds, Cross-breeding and Showing.

Jan Carlson of UC Davis Animal Resources did hands on demonstrations on hoof trimming and disbudding, talked about vaccinations and proper areas for injections for sub-q, intra-muscular and IV.

Joe Raff, County Extension Agent, Wichita Falls, TX was kind enough to come to California and talk to us about selecting market goats. He showed everyone what to look for and what to avoid. We were able to have about 15 market goats ranging in size and condition. Youth volunteers from the groups were able to handle the animals and everyone was able to get their hands on the animals to get an idea of the examples of back fat coverage and loin size, and where to look for it. Joe pointed out showmanship skills and answered many questions about his topic.

Karen Lewis, MS - Owner of Frozen Assets gave us her expert knowledge of Dairy Goat Breeds and Showmanship do's and don'ts. She talked about the breeds and scorecards of the ADGA. Elaine Farrell of UC Davis assisted Karen.

Nikki Raff of Wichita Falls, TX accompanied her husband Joe and gave us some great pointers on clipping and fitting market wethers and show animals as well.

After two rounds of rotations everyone was served lunch and Dr. Wes Patton gave everyone a lesson on Nutrition - for goats! His power point presentation focused on proper nutritional diets for the ruminant animal.

After Dr. Patton's review we again returned to the barns for the last two rotations of groups.

Pat Tenborg of Flying T Ranch offered a young January born doe for raffle to support the April 7th, Jr. Progressive Market Goat show to be held in Stockton. Proceeds are to benefit the youth showing at the April 7th show who purchase goats at the April 6th sale and show those goats at the Market Goat Show. Mr. Jim Shaw from Washington was the very lucky winner on this beautiful double- bred Kaptein daughter.

So much positive response was drawn from this symposium, from the Youth to the Adults. Nutrena-Cargill Feeds donated bags of feed to those who traveled the farthest to attend. The FFA Group from Lancaster and Perris, CA traveled some serious 8 -9 hours just for the "Hands On" which they found very helpful. But we really want to thank Jim Shaw of Sedro-Wooley, WA for making his long distance attendance!

Please mark your calendars for the first weekend in November 2002 as we plan to make this an annual symposium to offer not only the basics in raising market and breeding goats, but to expand into other areas of interest as well.

In California we want to focus on educating the Youth, Leaders, entrepreneurial goat ranchers and consumers of market and breeding goats. If you attended and have additional input your comments are greatly appreciated. If you missed this educational event and would like more information please contact Troy Bowers at or Chris Schallberger at

An acknowledgement of appreciation goes out to Troy Bowers and the San Joaquin Fair, California Department of Education, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Fairs and Expositions as the promoters of this event.

Judy Kaye & Chris Schallberger


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