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The Ohio Meat Goat Association's
January 2004 Newsletter

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The Ohio Meat Goat Association's Monthly Newsletter
Amy Davidson / News Editor January 2004 Issue

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President's Perspective

Kent Davidson
OMGA President

I hope you survived your holiday with only minor disappointments and no gaping wounds.

After the educational seminar we held our December OMGA meeting. It was great to have so many new faces and questions. One topic of discussion was, "what does the OMGA do for the commercial producer." There were lots of thoughts and advice on how to market kill goats. Lorinda Reeves and I had a discussion after the meeting with a young couple about their operation. He was very concerned that he can only get .80 cents a pound for his kids, and he would like $1.20 a pound or more. At .80 cents a pound he figured he could only buy $40 does from the stockyard and $150 bucks. He questioned; what can the OMGA do for him to get a better price.

At this time all I can do is give observations and advice.

It has been my experience that a kill doe at the stockyards that would only bring $40 is a very light muscled, unthrifty, slow maturing type animal. Most $150 bucks wouldn't have made a good 4-H wether. When, and if this mating reproduces, the offspring will be inferior and not worthy of a premium price to the consumer.

Raising any kind of livestock is an investment and a risk. It's like when I buy a new (used) truck. I'll need a couple of years to pay it off, but I expect to keep it much longer and profit from it down the road.

I consider our operation as a hobby and it gives me great pleasure working with animals and people. My hobby needs to pay for itself and hopefully give a little extra bonus. I have figured it would take 300 commercial does to make a significant contribution to our income by just selling kill goats to the stockyards. Direct marketing takes a lot of leg work. Customers expect a premium product year round. If you can supply that kind of product you can demand that $1.20 a pound and make that same income with less animals.

By producing higher quality females you can sell breeding stock to other producers.

We all need to be concerned with our expenses so we can maximize profits. But if you economize on everything, you will produce an inferior product that will end up costing you money in the long run.

Dave Thomas had a big investment when he started. He put out a quality product that people wanted and look where Wendy's is today.

Finally, I don't know of anyone that is truly successful that waited for a group or organization to do the work for them. Our organization is full of hard working, intelligent people, that can help but ultimately the success rests on you.

OMGA News and Reminders

January Meeting - There will be no January meeting of the OMGA. The next OMGA meeting will be February 21. Location to be announced.

March Wether and Doe Sale - Plans are still being set and the entry form and rules should be in the February newsletter. Joe Wiley is looking for volunteers to help that day. If you're interested please contact Joe at 614-836-760 or email:

Educational Seminar
Kent Davidson

It is my pleasure to report on the dual sponsored OMGA/ABGA seminar. It was a great success. The credit goes to Mike & Pam Borsch and Amy Davidson.

On December 13, in the Animal Science Building at the Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) one hundred thirty avid goat producers met to hear talks on various topics.

The day started off with Amanda Hargett from OSU driving 45 minutes to let us into the building and making sure everything was working. Amanda was a big help all day. She also came in the night before to let us in to set up. She is a very special lady.

Morning registration was handled by our exceptional OMGA secretary, Mary Morrow with the help of Karen Caldwell. From there people were invited to have drinks and donuts. This was set up and taken care of by Gary Bibler, Karen Caldwell and Amy Davidson, except the coffee was my responsibility, and guess what; it wasn't ready!

The speaker that started out the day was ABGA Director and judge, Mr. John Edwards. He talked on Boer Goat 101; the history and characteristics of the Boer Goat. After that Mr. Edwards went into housing and care of goats.

Our lunch was catered by Liz Adamshick. She did an excellent job serving BBQ pork, coleslaw, chips and cake. Amy supplied the goat brats. It took several people to serve. Julie Jordan convincibley had a "bad cold" and couldn't help.

Our next speaker, Bill Welborn was to speak on the Somolian demand for goat in Columbus, didn't show. Guess what, I had lined Bill up. Jason Roe told me Bill doesn't always show up at his farm when he is supposed to. So the speaker after lunch was again Mr. Edwards, talking on embryo transfer and AI.

The next speaker was Gary Dunlap from the OSU Meat Lab, who did a demonstration on the cuts of a goat carcass. He had also researched the demand and specialty cuts in the Columbus area. The carcass was brought in by Black Swamp Farm.

After this we had our afternoon break. Homemade cookies were supplied by Karen Caldwell, Julie Jordan, Becky Humble, Marjean Long, Chris White, Lorinda Reeves, Liz Adamshick and our Hoosier members, the Vondrans, brought the "Buckeyes".

The last speaker was Dr. Bruce Hull, DVM from OSU. He spoke on diseases of goats. It was great to have someone with his experience share them.

During the break time we were fortunate to have Polypride Inc. with equipment, Purina Feeds, Top Roe Supplies, Country Threads and Von Davidson's crafts for people to look at. These vendors gave great door prizes that were given out. Many breeders set up farm displays (note to Pam and Mike: my mother gets the credit for my artistic abilities).

Again I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to everyone who made the seminar possible. And a special thank you to Joe Wiley for bringing the PA system and everyone who attended.

Ohio State University Extension District Programs for Goat and Sheep Producers
The Ohio State Extension Service is setting these programs up as "district" programs to reach as many sheep and goat producers around the state of Ohio as possible. They encourage you to come and to get your goat and sheep production questions answered. Many topics will be discussed that will affect all sheep and goat producers in Ohio now and in the future.

Monday, January 12, 2004 - Mt. Victory Plaza Inn, Mt. Victory, OH. 6:00pm. Paid reservation is required to attend. $12 person paid registration due by: January 6, 2004. Speaker: Dr. Henry Zerby, OSU Extension Meats Specialist -Meat and Carcass Evaluation. Contact: Tammy Dobbels, Logan Co. ANR Agent at (937) 599-4227.

Thursday, January 15, 2004 - Clinton County Extension Office, Wilmington, OH. 7:00pm. Speaker: Dr Keith Irvin, OSU Animal Sciences Professor - Developing a Genetics Program. Contact: Tony Nye, Clinton Co. ANR Agent at (937) 382-0901.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - Hancock County Agricultural Services Center, Findlay, OH. 7:00pm. Dr. Bill Shulaw, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine - Parasite Control. Contact: Gary Wilson, Hancock County ANR Agent at (419) 422-3851.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004 - OARDC Fisher Auditorium, Wooster, OH. 7:00pm. Dr. Bill Shulaw , Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine - Parasite Control. Contact: Terry Beck, Wayne Co. ANR Agent at (330) 264-8722.

Monday, February 23, 2004 - Upper Valley Joint Vocational School, Applied Technology Center, Pique, OH. 7:00pm. Dr. Bill Shulaw , Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine - Parasite Control. Contact: Woody Joslin, Shelby Co. Program Assistant at (937) 498-7239.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004 - Muskingum Co. Extension Office. 7:00pm. Dr. Bill Shulaw, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine - Parasite Control. Contact: Mark Mechling, Muskingum Co. ANR Agent.

Thursday, March 11, 2004 - South District Extension Office, Jackson, OH. 7:00pm. Dr. Henry Zerby, OSU Extension Meats Specialist -Meat and Carcass Evaluation. Contact Dave Samples, Jackson Co. ANR Agent at (740) 286-5044.

Something Fun
A new and serious goat disease has been identified, probably caused by a virus among goat-owning people. It apparently have been in existence for a considerable amount of time but only recently anyone has identified the disease and begun to study it. It is called the ACQUIRED CAPRINE OBSESSIVE
SYNDROME (ACOS). At first ACOS was originally considered to be psychological in nature, but after the two young researchers here suddenly decided to become show breeders, we realized that we were dealing with an infectious agent. Epidemiologists here have identified three stages of this disease and typical symptoms, and they are:
1. You think that any show within 300 miles is near by.
2. You begin to enjoy getting up at 5 a.m. to walk and feed goats.
3. It's fun to spend several hours a day grooming goats
4. You think you are being frugal if you spend less that $3,000 a year in shows.
5. You can't remember what it is to just have one goat.

1. Your most important factor when buying a truck is how many goats you can fit in.
2. When you look for a house, the first thing you think of is how many goats you can keep on the property!
3. Your goats feed bill is higher than your family's.
4. You have no money because of owning goats.
5. You have more pictures of the goats than your family.
6. You even like buck's smell!
7. Your idea of a fun vacation is to hit a show circuit or go to a goat event!
8. Most of your conversations revolve around GOATS!
9. The words "Nationals" and "Royal" can send you to an uncontrollable frenzy!
10. You know each goats name's, pedigree & date of birth but can't remember your own!
11. You spend all your free time on Internet to look at goat's website, simply because it isn't enough to see
goats everyday just at chore time!
1. You wake up in the morning and find out that you put the children in the pens and the kids in the bed
last night.
2. Your neighbors keep insisting that those kids running around your house bothering your goats are
3. You cash your kids college funds to buy a new buck!
4. You've been on the road showing goats so long that you can't remember where you live!
5. You buy goats that are more expensive than your car!
6. Your family tells you "It's either the goats or us" and you choose the goats!

Well, there is hope! In the course of our researches, most studies show that most cases seem to stop at stage II, and remain chronic! (...) And interesting sidelight of this disease seems to be that exposure to an early age has an immunizing effect. Several people afflicted with ACOS Stage II & Stage III have close family members (husband, wife, children's, etc.) with ABSOLUTELY no disease with very strong immunity!
Until a cure is found, prevention is the measure! Avoid farms advertising "show stock," since it may that goats are carriers of the disease. Leave town on those days when the local newspaper inform you of a show in the area. If you inadvertently come into contact with an ACOS-afflicted person, leave as soon as possible (they do tend to cling), and thoroughly shower, with germicidal soap. If you are living with an ACOS-afflicted person, take comfort that, if you haven't succumbed yet, you are probably safe..... but we never know!!!!
I think I already got it. Be careful it spreads fast seems to hit women
harder than men.

Editor's Corner
Amy Davidson

Happy New Year! We ended 2003 with our Educational Seminar and many things are planned for 2004. It seems it will be a busier year than last year.

The seminar went well as Kent reported. One hundred thirty people attended; we were hoping for fifty. I want to thank everyone who helped and please forgive me if anyone was missed. A special thank you to Karen and Gary for helping us set up the night before. What people don't see is the behind the scenes things that get done. We hauled the goat carcass with us to Columbus and Karen and I froze most of the way because Kent wanted to keep the vehicle cool. We could only imagine getting into an accident and having someone try to figure out what was wrapped in clear plastic in the back.

Kent also made Pam and Mike Borsch's farm display. It has to be said he put a lot of effort into it. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it. Picture a rusty tray table and a picture of a goat that's ribs were showing and its head colored in red.

It's also wonderful to be able to put a call out to people for homemade cookies and have everyone pitch in and bring them. This makes my job easier. Thanks to everyone that pitched in and helped at the seminar. It was greatly appreciated.

The "Something Fun" article I put in the newsletter was forwarded to me by Mary Morrow. I'm not sure where it originally came from, but it sure hits home. I thought it would make for some fun reading.

2004 Meat Goat Events (some of these dates are still being set, and are noted by the # sign)

March 27 OMGA Wether & Doe Sale - Lancaster, OH Fairfield County Fairgrounds.
Committee: Jeff Marshall, Joe Wiley, Kenny Adams, Tony & Cathy Steele.

April 3 Davidson Livestock "Designer Genes" Club Goat and Doe Sale- Bowling Green, OH
Wood County Fairgrounds. Kent/Amy Davidson 419-833-6665 or
17 OMGA Judges Training Seminar - location and details to be announced.
Committee: Mike Borsch, Kent Davidson

May 1 OMGA Spring Fever Boer Goat Show - ABGA Sanctioned- Zanesville, OH Muskingham County
Fairgrounds. Show committee: John & Mary Morrow, Julie Jordan, Mike & Pam Borsch.
29 Memorial Day Weekend Invitational Sale - Troy, OH Miami County Fairgrounds.
Kenny Adams 937-473-5109 or
30 Memorial Day Weekend Consignment Production Sale - Troy, OH Miami County Fairgrounds.
Kenny Adams 937-473-5109 or

June 19 OMGA June Jam Boer Goat Show - ABGA Sanctioned - Cambridge, OH Guernsey County
Fairgrounds. Show committee: Jason Roe, Debi Roe, Dick, Kenny & Marie Wilson, Michelle Haught, John & Mary Morrow.

July 10 OMGA Summer Sizzler Boer Goat Show - ABGA Sanctioned - Troy, OH Miami County Fairgrounds.
Show committee: Kenny Adams, Donald Barger, Logan Adams.

Aug # Indiana State Fair - Open Boer Goat Show.
# Kentucky State Fair - Open Boer Goat Show.

Sept # OMGA Boer Goat Show - ABGA Sanctioned - Hicksville, OH Defiance County Fairgrounds.
18 Guernsey County Boer Goat Show - Jason Roe.

Oct 2 OMGA Fall Classic - Bowling Green, OH Wood County Fairgrounds.
Committee: Kent & Amy Davidson, Gary Bibler & Karen Caldwell, Rodney & Lorinda Reeves.

Nov # North American International Livestock Exposition - Open Boer Show, Louisville, KY.

We will gladly add any event that will benefit our meat goat breeders and industry. Please report any events pertaining to the meat goat industry to the newsletter editor.


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