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The International Boer Goat Association, Inc., has announced a slate of candidates to fill two open positions on the Board of Directors. The positions were previously held by Richard Oliveria and Perry Hamm.

Voting packets were mailed to the membership on May 11th. Ballots must be postmarked before June 15th.
Individual and Junior memberships receive one vote with Ranch and Lifetime memberships receiving two votes.

Results will be announced at Texarkana, Arkansas, at the 2006 National Show And Meeting.

Proposed By-Law changes are also on the ballot. At issue are:

§Past President
The past president sits on the Board of Directors in an advisory position because of their knowledge of the Association affairs and to help the new president with transition changes. This position is, as of now, a voting position. Should this position remain a voting position?
YES or NO.

§Committee Size
Committees are made up of 5 members with the Board being required by the By-Laws to make up 2/3 of each committee. Would you prefer to change committees to 7 members with the Board having only 2 positions on each committee?

The Board of Director candidates are:

§Perry M. Hamm
Dear Members,
   I am writing you today to express my desire to continue serving your interests on the Board of Directors of the International Boer Goat Association. I have served on the board for the last 18 months after being appointed to finish out the term of Mr. Buddy Hagler. I have enjoyed the time on the board and hope that you have been pleased with our decisions.
Just to tell you a little about myself, I was born and raised in Newberry, South Carolina on a Guernsey dairy farm. I began making breeding decisions on our farm in 1968. We bred our cattle for type and milk production. As time went on we began to improve our cattle and were successful at local, state and national shows. We also bred national class leaders for production. In the show ring our top success was in the late 80s with a reserve All American. A few years later we bred the number one cow in the Guernsey breed for Cow Performance Index which allowed us to place several bulls with AI organizations. In 1997, I made the difficult decision to disperse our herd. Our cattle were sold and shipped to 15 different states.
In 1999 along with my wife Cynthia we decided to try our luck at breeding Boer goats. The goats have been a blessing and have filled the void created by selling our Guernseys. We have really enjoyed breeding the goats and have found that the things learned on the dairy have really come in handy while breeding and raising our lovable red and white animals. It is very important to me to see the Boer breed multiply and improve.
In conclusion, I ask for your support in the upcoming election. Please vote for me and for progress for the Boer Goat in the United States. I thank you for your time and consideration!
Sincerely yours,
Perry M. Hamm

§Buz Hipp
   Hello, my name is Buz Hipp. I grew up in the small farming community of Gotebo, Oklahoma and have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with my wife Mary since the early 1960s. We have three children and are blessed with four grandchildren. I know about long hours, hard work, and struggles and challenges that must be faced each day.
In 1996, we purchased our first Boer Goats and started Hipp Boer Goats. Our fascination with the Boer Goats began our interest in showing them beginning in 2002. Our greatest rewards have been the true friends made in the goat industry and receiving the "Mike Browning Memorial Get of Sire Cup," at the 2004 National Show in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
I am not in business or partnership, or hold any stock, that would otherwise divert me from being your representative. If you want someone who will look out for what you want, to listen and stand up for you on issues, I would appreciate your vote!
Call me with your concerns, questions and comments. I am willing to listen and easy to talk to. I pledge a VOTE for Buz Hipp is a VOTE FOR YOU!
Thank you,
W.M. "Buz" Hipp (228) 826-5687

§Jayson Jackson
   I am Jayson Jackson and am running for a position on the Board of Directors for International Boer Goat Association. Animals are very much part of my life as I manage a ranch, train horses, and raise Boer Goats. My wife, Tina, and I are expecting our first baby and are happy to report it is a son. We live at Aubrey, Texas.
I have great expectations for the Boer Goat industry. We need planned marketing programs to help everyone receive the best prices possible. The breed standards need to be reviewed and fine tuned to handle any problems that could develop. Training seminars are needed around the United States to help people improve the quality of their genetics and fulfill the potential of their herds. I feel it is important to develop a DNA program that is easy to work with and readily accessible to everyone. This will improve our confidence in the papers that we receive with our animals.
I would like to be the voice of the individuals interested in making changes and improving our association. I will see you this year at Nationals as I will announce the show. Please consider me as you select the next group of Directors for the International Boer Goat Association.
Thank you,
Jayson Jackson

§Jim Johnson
   I would like to introduce myself, I am Jim Johnson and I live at Cleburne, Texas. I have been in the goat business for over five years. The livestock industry has been an integral part of my life, and I have judged cattle, horses, and goats. I have held offices in the cattle, horse, and other show animal industries.
I was employed by Bell Helicopter for 38 years and was on military leave while I served in Vietnam. My father was a professional horse trainer; therefore, loving and caring for animals comes naturally. Two of my three brothers share my interest in animals.
Actually the youth program is my main concern and objective. We need to keep the youth involved and promoting the improvement of the industry. The scholarship program will provide the students' opportunities to further their education.
I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support in securing a position on the Board of Directors of International Boer Goat Association. I will the advocate for the membership and the best interests of the Association.
Just remember to vote! The association can only be as strong as its membership and the membership must vote to be heard.
Jim Johnson

§Donald Johnston
   Hi - my name is Donald Johnston, and I am running for the International Boer Goat Association Board of Directors.
I have been married to a wonderful woman, Rita, for 22 years. We have three great children: Deeona - 13, Lyndee - 11, and Jaydee - 9. We live on a ranch outside Grover, Colorado.
As a child, I was active in 4-H and FFA in Colorado, where I raised and showed Suffolk sheep. After getting married, I moved east and started a career as a landscape designer/garden center manager. In the mid 90s, I was living on a small acreage in Iowa, and purchased a few head of goats to mow my grass. In 1997, my sister contacted me to tell me that Weld County, Colorado, was starting a market goat show and her kids wanted to get involved. I had been reading in the goat magazines about Boer goats, and knew that if we wanted to venture into meat goats, the Boer goats were what we needed. We purchased a buck and a few head of does in order to supply our nieces and nephews with market goats, and that's how we started our Boer goat operation.
It wasn't long before we became interested in raising and showing fullblood breeding stock as well. With my wife's help, we organized and put on Int'l BGA sanctioned shows in Omaha and North Platte, NE, Douglas, WY, and Greeley, CO. I was the Int'l BGA Regional Coordinator for Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas until we decided to move back to Colorado in 2000.
We moved back to the family ranch, and I became a full-time rancher, adding Boer goats to my family's commercial cattle operation. We now have approximately 300 fullblood Boer and Boer cross does. We have had a club kid sale for the past 6 years, and this year we are having our second production sale.
We are lifetime members of the International Boer Goat Association (since 1997), and members of the ABGA. I just completed a term as director of the Mountain States Meat Goat Association, in charge of the MSMGA Jr. Jackpot show circuit. Helping young people get started with market goats and breeding goats is my passion. I am in my second term on the Weld County Fair Board, currently serving as President. I have been goat superintendent of the fair for the past five years. I helped start the Weld County Goat Extravaganza, which has grown into a 3-day long event which includes seminars, market and commercial goat shows, and an Int'l BGA sanctioned breeding show.
I would like to serve the International Boer Goat Association as a director because I believe in our Association and want to devote my time and energy to help keep it moving forward. We are experiencing tremendous growth in the goat industry in our area, and I would like to be a voice for the people in all areas.
Thank you for considering me for a director position.
Donald Johnston


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