EGGSfile Passes On...

Aug 24, 2002
The great Boer Buck EGGSfile *ENNOBLED*, owned by Don Smith and Danny Henson, died yesterday. He succumbed to the heat while being transported from Georgia to Texas by Mr. Henson.

Neither Mr. Smith nor Mr. Henson could be reached for comment.

EGGSfile was to have stood this breeding season at Erath General Genetic Services, better known as E.G.G.S., in Stephenville, Texas.

John and Jackie Edwards of E.G.G.S. offer a tribute to their great buck...

Eggsfile was one of those rare animals that exhibited his potential from birth. He was born in April of 1998 as part of what might have been our best ever kid crop in terms of depth of quality and eventual performance. Some of his pasture mates were EGGS Knight, Magnum, Eggscalibur, Eggstension, Eggsquisite and Eggseptional. Even in this extraordinary company, Eggsfile was a cut above.

His first kid crop was introduced at ABGA nationals in 1999 when he was 14 months old. He produced the reserve junior champion percentage doe, the reserve junior champion fullblood doe, champion best pair of does and a number of ribbon winners. This first evidence of his potential as a sire has been confirmed time and time again. Perhaps the true measure of his greatness as a producer is reflected in the abilities of his sons and daughters as superior producers themselves.

A lot of thought and conjecture is normally given to the selection of a buck for mating to a particular doe. Eggsfile's pre potent ability as a sire reduced this thought process to the simple decision of how to get the gate open. He just worked!

I do not regret our decision to sell Eggsfile to Stan Benz as Stan and Dawn provided a quality facility, excellent management, and a personal and financial commitment towards excellence that guaranteed his continued legacy and a long and productive life. Stan's untimely passing and the resultant dispersal of the herd were very grim events for us. The death of Eggsfile brings a sad reminder of the dear friend we lost and a new sadness for Eggsfile himself.

John and Jackie Edwards

Please join me in offering condolences to Don Smith, Danny Henson, and specially to EGGSfile's breeders John and Jackie Edwards.

Several hundred straws of semen have been collected from EGGSfile; most of which is held by E.G.G.S. and Don Smith. It has not been determined if any straws will be available for purchase.

EGGSfile's ability as a producer of great offspring was what made him famous in the circles traveled by serious breeders. His selling price at the Stan Benz Memorial Sale in April, 2002, spread his fame throughout the Boer goat industry. The Smith/Henson partnership paid $45,000 for EGGSfile, the highest price paid for a Boer since the same goat was sold in a $50,000 private treaty agreement between EGGS and Stan Benz.

EGGSfile *ENNOBLED* has passed on but the genetics that he "passed on" to his progeny will benefit the industry for many generations. KLS Boer Goats is the proud owner of one of his better fullblood daughters, EGGS Nancy, and you can bet that she'll be well cared for.

Keith Smith, Editor


Photo courtesy of John & Jackie Edwards